Bevstack & Bottlecapps: A Landmark Partnership to Revolutionize Direct-to-Consumer E-Commerce for BevAlc Brands

In a significant move for the beverage industry, Bevstack and Bottlecapps are thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership that delivers a best-in-class, three-tier compliant solution for brands, retailers, and their consumers.

Bevstack & Bottlecapps: Together, Pouring Success Into E-Commerce

“We at Bevstack are extremely excited to partner with Bottlecapps to bring to our current and future brands a nationwide network of top-tier retailers that allows compliant, in-state shipping and same-day delivery,” said Juan Reffreger, CEO Bevstack.

This groundbreaking partnership provides unparalleled benefits to suppliers, including:

Direct-to-Retailer Order Routing: Brands can direct orders from their websites to a network of over 1,300 retailers across 40 U.S. states, enabling in-state shipping and same-day delivery for hundreds of brands across thousands of SKUs.

Seamless Integration: A smooth integration with any website or e-commerce platform, featuring compliant order and payment processing technology.

Advanced Reporting Portal: Brands will have access to a sophisticated portal for real-time e-commerce order tracking and comprehensive data analytics to inform marketing strategies.

Inventory-Driven Marketing Tools: Integration of marketing tools within retail stores, websites, and apps to foster true partnerships with retailers.

Premier Account Management: With unparalleled account management and customer support, brands can concentrate on growth while B & B handles e-commerce execution and operations.

Empowering Retailers: Retailers are equipped with training as well as back-end inventory and customer support to fulfill in-market orders for hundreds of brands via out-of-the-box integrations for in-state shipping and same-day delivery. Marketing tools like hero banners, flash sales, featured products, push notifications, and MORE, are all part of the retailer platform.

About Bevstack: Bevstack stands as the leading platform aiding adult beverage brands in expanding their e-commerce presence. With a three-tier compliant retail network, seamless technology, and unparalleled customer service, Bevstack is dedicated to fostering the growth and success of brands in the digital marketplace. Visit for more info.

About Bottlecapps: Bottlecapps helps beer, wine, and liquor stores grow their online business through the development of a suite of white-labeled products, including branded mobile apps, e-commerce websites, in-store digital signage and more. Visit for info.

For more information, please contact: 

Juan Reffreger

Corey Gerstner

Source: Bottlecapps