Bottlecapps' Platform Sales Surge More Than 800% During Uncertain Times

Bottlecapps - Liquor Store Solutions has seen a rise of over 800% in daily and month-to-date alcohol sales, in all categories, across its platform.

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Delivery and Curbside Pickup orders amidst the nation's recent closures and 'shelter-in-place' rulings have driven the meteoric rise in sales, as Bottlecapps, a mobile app and web development company serving over 600 off-premise retailers across 40 states, offers a needed solution to businesses.

Unlike Drizly or Minibar, Bottlecapps provides white-label, store-branded, mobile apps and web solutions for beer, wine and liquor stores on a flat-fee model - allowing all liquor stores to “engage their customers directly” unlike other services in this space. “Bottlecapps’ products and services allow liquor store owners to keep more of their profits while maintaining direct engagement of their customers through in-app promotions, recipes, rewards and much more,” said CEO and Executive Chairman of Bottlecapps Dr. Prashant Desai.

Due to the immediate need for these services to the industry, Bottlecapps has also seen a spike in new client inquiries and supplier/brand interests for digital marketing and programming capabilities. “We have built an online platform that uniquely serves all participating parties within the three-tier system of beer, wine and spirits. And in a time of need, our products and services have proven to be instrumental in the support of our industry. We strongly urge those off-premise accounts that do not currently have a permanent e-commerce solution to contact us for assistance,” continued Dr. Desai.

Bottlecapps' platform is retailer-focused, providing businesses the ability to connect with customers, create loyalty, and grow sales - and to do so with no transactional fees.

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