Bottlecapps Announces the Launch of Its Newest Industry Resource, and Grants Near-LIVE Access to Beverage Alcohol Data From Across North America

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Bottlecapps is the industry leader in white-label and marketplace technology within the beer, wine, and spirits verticals, and works closely with industry-shaping groups at each level of the 3-tier system. This interaction spurred the genesis of their newest product offering, BottleSense™.

As Suppliers, Distributors, and Retailers alike continued to stress the importance of actionable data in daily decision-making, two things became glaringly apparent to the Bottlecapps team: 1.) the industry's need for more timely data and 2.) an industry-wide desire for more customizable data.

BottleSense™ is a Data as a Service (DaaS) product, powered by Bottlecapps, that provides an exclusive and detailed look at off-premise, retailer data across beer, wine, and spirits. Pulling consumer and sales insights, as well as highlighting benchmarks and trends, from 1,000s of stores across the United States and Canada, the 'near-LIVE' dashboards that make up BottleSense provide supplier brandsdistributors, and retailers data access from a unique perspective and with the most customizable view in the industry.

"We are so very excited to release BottleSense™ to the market," exclaims Anirudh Reddy, Bottlecapps' Chief Technology Officer and President. "These dashboards provide insights into consumer behavior with data slices never before seen in the beverage-alcohol space. The near real-time information helps a company understand the shopping journey of their customer from the first product view to the final click and offers this almost instantaneous feedback on shifting trends so companies can stay fluid and up-to-date in their strategies."

BottleSense™ consists of three separate levels of dashboards: 1.) overall platform sales and consumer insights segmented specifically for an individual Supplier or Supplier group 2.) progress and results for Supplier programmatic advertising campaigns 3.) detailed data customized for a particular Retailer. All dashboards update on a near-LIVE cadence, within 24 hours of data capture.

In chatting with Breakthru Beverage Group Director of eCommerce, Mark Crist offered his perspective, "The enhanced capability with Bottlecapps' BottleSense™ solution will allow Retailers, Distributors, and Suppliers greater visibility into the most real-time data on the market. Their ability to position this data as an avenue to better understand and share new insights on the consumer will enable further e-commerce growth in the space."    

The advancement and growth of e-commerce is obviously at the basis of everything that Bottlecapps and BottleSense™ was built to do, and the endorsement of key contributors within all levels of the 3-tier system lends confidence that this product is well on its way to being something truly unique for Beverage Alcohol and its stakeholders.

Bottlecapps' Chief Information Officer, Mitch Patel may have said it best, "A consumer's digital presence is such a valuable commodity in today's retail space. This presence comprises of unique consumer behaviors and traits across their entire online journey. BottleSense™ harnesses this intel and unlocks its potential to keep a brand or store in sync with each customer's experience - as their shopping habits evolve, so can the business'. With BottleSense™, we take the guessing game out of knowing what your customers are thinking and use the data to enhance their shopping experience."

With BottleSense™, companies can customize their views, learn about industry benchmarks, check in on their competition, and so much MORE. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe and gain access to the answers you've been wanting, right now!

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