Blyncsy Launches Pulse, a State-of-the-Art Movement Analytics System Built for DOTs, Metros and Cities

Blyncsy Pulse provides insights into how movement patterns impact capital road projects and planning. #SmartCity #IoT #BigData #Analytics

Understanding how people move is critical in analyzing, planning, and improving our roadways. Blyncsy Pulse gives Civil Engineers, Planners, and their Consulting Partners insights to improve the outcomes of their projects. From slicing and dicing origins & destinations, events, weather, seeing changes in volumes, getting detailed travel time information, to reliability metrics Pulse empowers its users to see through the mounds of data into meaningful patterns and insights.

Blyncsy Pulse is built on the Blyncsy Movement Platform. “The Movement Engine and Platform connects the internet of things to a robust big data analytics engine, allowing various data sources to come together.  We then apply our advanced algorithms to get at some incredible insights,” says Victor Gill, Chief of Product at Blyncsy. “We’ve spent countless hours with Project Managers, Civil Engineers and Planners to create a simple and intuitive interface to present this sophisticated analysis.”

The launch of Blyncsy Pulse also marks the launch of Pulse IO, the input/output system for Pulse. Pulse IO connects your various data sources with the Movement Engine and allows users to pull raw data directly from Pulse. Using an API driven architecture Pulse IO provides increased access to your most meaningful data, including connectivity to DMS/VMS systems. Other key features of Pulse include account management, origins and destinations, travel times, segment management, flex charts, event management, group behavior profiles, and weather analysis.

“A highly integrated system is what Blyncsy is committed to providing our partners,” says Blyncsy CEO Mark Pittman. The Pulse Network allows users to see beyond a given sensor deployment, breaking down the boundaries of smart cities. The Pulse product seamlessly integrates with Blyncsy's current line of sensors as well as a variety of external detection technologies. From the Blync-1212 Bluetooth and Wifi sensor to the newest Blync-0630 sensor, Pulse makes understanding your data easy.

“The release of Pulse gives our partners what they have been asking for in a simple scalable package, it’s one of many exciting products we are working on,” says Pittman. Current Blyncsy customers automatically qualify for an upgrade to Pulse.

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Blyncsy is a tech start-up headquartered in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Focused on location analytics and big data science Blyncsy helps its customers understand movement through various environments. Blyncsy's Movement Platform assists departments of transportation, cities and other private and public entities to better understand the habits and trends of people by providing insights across data sets. Blyncsy was founded to give cities, companies and leaders better decision-making tools.

Movement. Data. Intelligence.

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Movement. Data. Intelligence.

Blyncsy™ combines the power of Big Data and Location Analytics to help organizations understand movement.

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