Blyncsy CEO Mark Pittman Speaks at the Intelligent Transportation Society of America

Carlos Braceras of UDOT and Wes Maurer of CDOT join Blyncsy CEO Mark Pittman at ITSA 2018 to discuss the importance of connected vehicles #SmartCity #V2X #IoT #ConnectedVehicles #V2X #BigData #Analytics

Blyncsy at ITSA

Blyncsy CEO Mark Pittman, alongside Carlos Braceras, Executive Director, Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and Wes Maurer, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) met to explore the importance of connected vehicles in our modern world. The panel took place on the intimate Smart Mobility Stage at the 2018 Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) Annual Meeting, which was also the scene of an announcement by General Motors EVP Mark Reuss that further cemented the critical need for connected technology in vehicles.

“Connected vehicles are the training wheels for autonomous vehicles,” said Pittman. “Allowing cars to communicate with one another, as well as the infrastructure around them, provides the public a chance to get comfortable with more technology in the car.”

The goals of transportation professionals are typically very focused on two things: safety and congestion reduction. Connected vehicles could dramatically reduce the number of accidents and serious injuries on our roadways every year, while helping reduce congestion within construction work zones, which account for nearly 24% of roadway congestion and travel delays, or a total of 482 million vehicle hours of delay. “Using connected vehicle technology provides the opportunity to reduce accidents and congestion, while communicating proactively to drivers how they can change their behaviors to have a better experience,” said Pittman.

Also taking place at ITSA, General Motors EVP, Mark Reuss announced to the crowd the expansion of Cadillac’s Super Cruise to all models and plans to incorporate V2X into the entire line by 2023, thus solidifying the importance of Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC). DSRC is a two-way short- to- medium-range wireless communications capability that permits very high data transmission critical in communications-based active safety applications. With a clear path to how DSRC gets in the hands of consumers, Blyncsy is poised to deliver this technology to save lives and improve our roadways.

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Blyncsy is a tech start-up headquartered in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Focused on location analytics and big data science Blyncsy helps its customers understand movement through various environments and enables the future of connected and autonomous vehicles. Blyncsy's Movement Platform assists departments of transportation, cities and other private and public entities to better understand the habits and trends of people by providing insights across data sets. Blyncsy was founded to give cities, companies and leaders better decision-making tools.

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