Blog Hands Offers a Helping Hand to Digital Marketing Agencies Under Increasing Pressure

Blog Hands helps relieve this stress by acting as an extension of a Digital Agency's content development teams.

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Blog writing service Blog Hands is reaching out with discounts for digital marketing agencies because even agencies are going to need help supplying their customers as the need for quality content continues to grow. 

Blog Hands CEO Chris Hornak says, “When I worked for an inbound marketing agency we'd go through periods of flux where a large pool of new clients would come on board, and we'd have to scramble to handle the workload. Blog Hands helps relieve this stress by acting as an extension of their content development team. We build our content team with the process and expertise of inbound marketing in mind.”

Inbound content marketing has changed the way that many firms do business. It is an approach that uses high-quality web content that is laser-focused on people’s needs. This puts customers at the center of organizations that take this approach.

Content is created that answers customers’ questions and provides solutions to their problems. For customers, this means that they get valuable information. For businesses, this means that customers not only come to them, but they also want what is being offered. The days of cold calling are numbered.

Hornak knows that for content marketing to work, however, someone has to produce that content. Sometimes a lot of it. 

To keep pages ranking well with search engines, for example, it’s necessary to provide regular blog posts, often several times a week if not several times a day. In this fast-paced arena, posting regularly reassures Google and its users that a website is current and has the latest information. 

Blog post writers need to be aware of certain techniques to get their messages across. The use of keywords or key phrases and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques help information-hungry customers find what they seek.

With all this expert content being created, uploaded, and shared on social media, who is running the businesses? 

For many businesses, this question was answered by the rise of digital marketing agencies specializing in content marketing. They work out strategies and campaigns, and they keep clients’ focused on digital marketing efforts or take them over entirely. For the most part, they can provide the content that businesses require to delight their customers and potential customers. 

This high-quality, targeted content is fuel for many digital marketing agencies. Hornak has discussed the future of digital marketing with other marketing experts and found agreement on the increasing importance of blogging. For many marketing experts, blogging is and will remain the cornerstone of their strategies. 

With more need for content – not just fluff, but high-quality, targeted content – anyone interested in marketing brands online is going to need to invest time and money in content creation. Blog Hands is reaching out to agencies with a 10% discount on their services, because even agencies require a helping hand, or hands, to keep up with demand. 

Entrepreneurs can find out more about how a content writing service can lighten a workload at

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