Blockcerts Enables Multi-Chain Issuing and Verification of Official Documents

Blockcerts Credential Issuer, Verifier, and Wallet natively support public blockchains Bitcoin and Ethereum with open source architecture enabling expansion to any chain.

Blockcerts Wallet Verification

Learning Machine Technologies announced today that the company has contributed substantial updates to the Blockcerts open source project, enabling native support for official records issuance and verification using the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.

Blockcerts was originally launched by the MIT Media Lab and Learning Machine to be blockchain agnostic by design, meaning that the open standard can be natively extended to anchor records to any blockchain. The Blockcerts Universal Verifier recognizes which blockchain has been used and verifies it accordingly. The ability to anchor to multiple blockchains is central to the value of Blockcerts, as issuers and recipients are not locked into a single, often vendor-dependent, blockchain network. Support for additional blockchains can be added by anyone motivated to do so by contributing to the open source project.

An important element of the Blockcerts open source project is the free Blockcerts Wallet, available for iOS and Android. The Blockcerts Wallet is a free and open source, multilingual, self-sovereign identity (SSI) consumer wallet. It is the first SSI application with WCAG 2.1 AA compliance for the disabled. The Wallet is used by recipients to quickly and easily receive, store, and share verifiable credentials from issuing institutions such as their schools, employers, and government. The Blockcerts Wallet masks the key management involved in receiving a verifiable credential, providing end users with a simple consumer experience without need for a privacy compromising, centralized user account.

Blockcerts adoption has been rapidly growing, with countries, school systems, testing agencies, and corporations actively building or buying solutions that bring Blockcerts verifiable credentials to their citizens, learners, customers, partners, and employees. Well documented examples such as those of Malta, the Bahamas, the Federation of State Medical Boards, the Inter-American Development Bank, Central New Mexico Community College, the Caribbean Examinations Council, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Melbourne, Boeing, BiTA, and many others speak to the expansive geographical adoption and multi-sector use cases benefiting from the Blockcerts open standard.

Many of the organizations building on Blockcerts can be found at the Blockcerts Community Forum.

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