Blackview BV5000 5.0" MTK6735P Quad-Core Waterproof Smartphone Reviews

but now, with the Blackview BV5000, users can have the best of both worlds, a super tough phone that can operate in tough environments and inclement weather conditions and a powerful smartphone with all the latest features.

Having the hottest new smartphone is a great feeling and every year there are cool new features that improve communication, entertainment, and productivity. However, even the best brands of smartphones tend to be fragile devices that must be handled with care. Even with the addition of a good quality protective case, nearly all smartphones are susceptible to impacts, dust, and water. Damaging or destroying an expensive smartphone is devastating and costly. Sure, there have been certain cellphones available that are more resistant to damage or better suited to harsh environments, but most are phones with limited functions and slow speeds.

Today, everything has changed. Introducing the powerful Blackview BV5000 5.0" MTK6735P Quad-Core Waterproof Smartphone. Now, a smartphone exists that combines the rugged toughness of a heavy duty feature phone and the speed and functions of the latest smartphones.

At first glance the BlackviewBV5000 doesn’t appear much different from other top-quality smartphones. It has a 5.0” IPS high def touchscreen and is ultra-thin at only 11.99 mm. It’s super fashionable too given its 3 wild color selections; violet black, camouflage, or sunny orange. But a closer examination reveals some important added features. First, the exterior housing is constructed like a built-in protective phone case with added impact bumpers at all four corners as well as additional protective material covering the entire backside of the phone. This specially designed case gives it unbeatable drop and impact resistance and makes it one of the toughest phones available. Not only that but the case IP67 Tri-proof waterproof and dustproof, creating a rugged Android Smartphone designed for tough outdoor environments. It is resistant to sweat, liquids, dust, and sand making it perfect for the gym, beach, work sites, or anywhere outdoors in any weather.

Usually, having these kinds of extra protections comes at the expense of important smartphone features, but not with the Blackview BV5000. It is packed with the best modern features that make it a great phone for anyone.

The 64bit Quad CoreMTK6735P, Cortex A53 processor with 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM is stable and fast for apps and gaming and runs the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop for a familiar user experience and the greatest selection of available apps, and the many available languages make the BV5000 a truly ‘worldwide phone.’ If memory capacity is a concern, the BV5000 can accept a TF card for an expandable solution. This factory Unlocked phone has Dual SIM card, dual standby capabilities, one for 2G GSM only; the other for 4G/3G/2G network, for the fastest speeds available using even while using multiple phone numbers. It works on all popular worldwide networks.

Even photographers will be pleased with this phone that features dual cameras, a 16 MP rear and 2 MP front camera that create crisp, clear images in all lighting conditions.

One of the best features of the Blackview BV5000 is the huge capacity on-board 5000 mAh battery. This beast of a battery delivers unbelievable talk and standby time and even can perform reverse charging- acting as a power bank for other digital devices. This useful feature is great for traveling or times when power sources are not available.

For anyone needing a phone that can operate under tough conditions and inclement weather, all while maintaining the best and most useful modern smartphone features, the decision is clear; the Blackview BV5000 is the best combination of tough and smart and the best part is, it won’t break the bank. Available now on for only $159.99, an unbelievable price for a workhorse phone loaded with smart features.