Bio-Medical Equipment - an Integral Part of Medical Industry

The importance of bio-medical equipment is simply undeniable for the welfare of the patient.

​Since its establishment in 2004, Quality Medical has evolved to meet the challenges in the biomedical industry, providing quality Abbott Plum A+ service and repair and the same from other leading brands. Customer-focused and technology-driven, the company is committed to solving one of the biggest headaches in biomedical equipment management.

They perform repairs and preventive maintenance for a wide range of bio-medical equipment, particularly specializing in respiratory and infusion equipment. They possess knowledge and understanding of clinical aspects while repairing or servicing infusion and respiratory equipment. Performing detail calibration such as tidal volumes in-house wherever necessary, they strive to meet the performance standards set by the manufacturers of the equipment.

The engineers and technicians are all trained and certified. They can typically complete the job with 3 to 5 days in the service center. This is a testament to the flexibility and experience level they have being in the industry for such a long period.

Apart from maintaining spare parts for all routine PM’s and an array of common repairs, they also use OEM approved spare parts in all repairs. After running a detailed calibration, they give estimates for all repairs and wait for the approval of the customers before getting started with any repair work. For those looking for relatively economical options for thoracic equipment repair or another kind, Quality Medical has other options to offer, allowing the customers to purchase a low cost used equipment or renting equipment. They also have an active program to identify the kind of equipment that lands at their place for repeated repairs within 12 months periods.

They also back up their repairs and services by a warranty that covers the quality of the repair or service. Since they actively repair excess equipment of their customers, they follow a stringent refurbishment process where they make equipment clinically ready in every way. Their customers can easily acquire this refurbished equipment at a considerable discount to purchasing new equipment.

About the Company:

Founded in 2004, Quality Medical (QM) has evolved to meet the challenges of the biomedical industry in the 21st Century. With a vision of building the most efficient service operations to support the evolving requirements of the healthcare industry, Quality Medical is the one-of-a-kind solution provider for all your biomedical equipment rental, service and repair needs.

Source: Quality Medical South