Quality Technicians Providing Infusion Pump & Ventilator Service & Repairs Like No Other

With certified and licensed technicians, Quality Medical South delivers excellent biomedical equipment service and repairs like no other.

​It is technically impossible to run a health care center without proper biomedical service and repair. Since most of the patient’s lives rely on this kind of equipment for regular treatment and diagnosis; the importance of biomedical devices is simply undeniable.  Quality Medical South is one such company that provides quality driven service for biomedical repair and service. Founded in the year 2004, the company has put their service in meeting the growing of the acute and alternative health care market.

Partnering with the Biomedical Departments of major hospitals in the Southeast and across the USA, the company has been offering extensions of their capabilities to reinforce their critical activity in the hospitals. The area of work includes regular preventive maintenance work for infusion pump or ventilator service and repairs, parts management, depot level repairs, and onsite services. The expert technicians are all licensed and qualified to meet various challenges of the biomedical industry. To generate additional capital for them, the company also collects excess or surplus biomedical equipment.

Being one of the leading centers for multiple manufacturers, they have developed a trusted partnership with hospitals throughout the Southeast. Over the years, they have earned a reputation for quality, excellent and responsive service.

Apart from handling servicing and repair, they also carry out a range of common repair services; using OEM approved spare parts in all repairs. They also provide an estimate for all repairs and wait for the customer approval before getting started with any kind repair work. The company is equipped to serve all types of customers, from small clinics to large hospitals.  In their center they have stocked a large inventory of pre-owned equipment for sale and to convince their customers, they offer long term warranty for all their products and services.

To learn more about their Infusion Pump Repairs and Service, feel free to visit their website: http://www.qualitymedicalsouth.com

About the Company

Founded in 2004, Quality Medical (QM) has evolved to meet the challenges of the biomedical industry in the 21st Century. With a vision of building the most efficient service operations to support the evolving requirements of the healthcare industry, Quality Medical is the one-of-a-kind solution provider for all your biomedical equipment rental, service and repair needs.

Source: Quality Medical South