Bill Voss Has Been Recognized Among the Top in His Industry by the Expert Network©

The Expert Network© celebrates its newest member, Attorney Bill Voss

Bill Voss, Founder & Owner, The Voss Law Firm, has joined The Expert Network©, an invitation-only service for distinguished professionals. Mr. Voss has been chosen as a Distinguished Lawyer™ based on peer reviews and ratings, dozens of recognitions, and accomplishments achieved throughout his career.

Mr. Voss outshines others in his field due to his extensive educational background, numerous awards and recognitions, and career longevity. He earned his J.D. from Texas Southern University, Thurgood Marshall School of Law. Over the course of his very successful career, he has been the recipient of a myriad of awards, including Newsweek's Top 10 Trial Lawyers in America, Texas Monthly's Super Lawyer – Rising Star, National Trial Lawyers Association's Top 100 Trial Lawyers, and Living Magazine's Outstanding Personalized Legal Representation, among many others.

With over 12 years dedicated to law, Mr. Voss brings a wealth of knowledge to his industry and, in particular, to his area of specialization as a large loss policyholder attorney. When asked why he decided to pursue a career in law, Mr. Voss said:

"I wanted to be the conduit by which the everyday person could have a voice against billion-dollar conglomerates. I knew that as a lawyer I would be able to facilitate real change on behalf of everyday working people."

True passion and advocacy for positive change are what set Mr. Voss apart from his colleagues. He is galvanized by challenge and thrives in the face of conflict with the multibillion-dollar conglomerates and insurance corporations he works against on a daily basis. In an effort to inform and educate his community, Mr. Voss has published several books, including titles such as Disputes With Your Insurance Companies – What All Consumers Need to Know, and Learn the Basics of Commercial Insurance and Protect Your Business.

Mr. Voss commitment to staying involved and present in the lives of people for whom he advocates so fiercely pays off. He has a reputation for stellar client service and sets the industry standard for expertise in his particular niche. With such a particular specialization, focusing not only on insurance claims but specifically on policyholder advocacy on a large-loss basis, Mr. Voss understands the importance of continuing to hone his knowledge base and litigation skills.

As a thought-leader in his field, Mr. Voss pays close attention to prevailing trends in his industry. Lately, he has been focusing on large loss insurance claims involving school districts throughout the South, along with several church claims. He recently noted:

"It still amazes me that these billion-dollar insurance companies never fail to discriminate. It doesn’t matter if you’re an eighty-year-old grandmother or a large multi-district school system, or even a megachurch leading faith worship for thousands, these insurance companies will stop at nothing to consistently deny, delay or underpay - just to save a dollar."

Mr. Voss is a member of the American Bar Association, the Houston Bar Association, and the Houston Trial Lawyers Association.

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