BetterBot Greets Over 100 Million Prospective Renters

Hitting such a fantastic milestone, BetterBot celebrates reaching over 100 Million prospective renters.

BetterBot - Multifamily's #1 Automation Platform

Engagement with customers has become an essential KPI for the Multifamily industry. So much so that teams are overwhelmed with the number of individuals they converse with daily.  To help teams save time and continue to engage with their customers, BetterBot was created. BetterBot strives to help on-site teams with menial tasks to have more time for more complex projects and responsibilities. 

Over its lifetime, BetterBot continues to take on more traffic each year and has greeted over 100 million customers. In addition to assisting customers at such a high volume, they have also saved leasing offices over 2 million hours.

"I still remember when BetterBot greeted its very first renter back in 2018," said Robert Turnbull, President & Founder of BetterBot. "To hit the 100 million mark is beyond comprehension. To put that in perspective, there are 560 stadiums in the world that seat between 40,000 and 130,000 people, totaling 31 million in all. BetterBot has greeted more than 3x that number to date."

BetterBot strives to engage with customers and find the most qualified leads. The leads, most likely to convert, will be passed along to the leasing office to connect with those prospective customers that are most serious.

BetterBot's business has continued to grow over the last year, with new products and services regularly thrown into the mix. They are multifamily's #1 automation platform by creating technology that makes life easier. 

The core product that BetterBot offers, BetterBot for Web, is a chatbot feature that continues to perfect Guided Conversations to keep tours coming. It also provides leasing teams with real-time visibility and insight into prospects to offer a more personalized experience for each future renter. 

Leads can now be handled seamlessly using BetterBot's new skill, BetterBot for Leads. The bot engages with leads through whatever channels they are coming from and continues the conversation. It collects answers to prospects' questions in real-time without taking the time of the leasing staff to handle menial tasks. 

Mike Wolber, Chief Revenue Officer at Rent Dynamics, shares, "We are thrilled to be able to recommend BetterBot as a partner of ours, knowing that it helps our clients accelerate their leasing velocity. In partnership with BetterBot, we offer an effortless user experience for prospects on the front end and a seamless integration with our CRM system on the backend, so site teams are able to quickly follow up with those prospects. We look forward to continuing to help even more multifamily businesses in partnership together."

BetterBot provides high-value conversations with leasing teams in mind. It is the leasing agent that never sleeps and engages prospects and residents alike to help them find the information they need wherever, and whenever they need it. To learn more about BetterBot, go to

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At BetterBot, we want to give renters and property managers their time back. We built a conversational leasing solution to communicate information renters and prospects want, when they want it, wherever they want it.

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