BetterBot Greets Half a Million Prospects in 1 Day

Multifamily's most-adopted conversational leasing solution hits new usage high

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"Back in the early days of BetterBot, we were excited to have our little digital agent greet and converse with a few thousand renters in a day," recalls Robert Turnbull, President, and co-founder of BetterBot. "The fact that our digital agents are now greeting and or conversing with more than half a million prospective renters in a single day is truly remarkable."

On Thursday, August 4 of 2022, BetterBot facilitated more than 500K greetings and/or conversations with renters in three countries. Multiple factors play into the high volume, but the three primary drivers are: renter traffic is high in the summer, consumers are happy to converse with a bot, and BetterBot's user interface is converting one in five conversations to appointments. 

BetterBot's ability to distribute these digital agents across numerous channels and be deployed with multiple skills impacts these numbers. In addition to a property's website, BetterBot's ChatSkill can be deployed anywhere a prospective renter can find a property, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profile, YouTube, Yelp, various ILSs, etc. BetterBot's NurtureSkill can intercept, nurture, and convert leads into conversations and appointments from any source.

"People in our Industry can debate the need or value of chatbots and conversational solutions," said Zlatko Bogoevski, CEO and co-founder of BetterBot. "But these kinds of numbers tell the story. Consumers, specifically renters and prospective renters, are using conversational tools like BetterBot to provide information quickly and offload repetitive tasks for leasing teams."

Today BetterBot operates in three countries and can deploy multiple skills across various Multifamily segments, such as conventional, affordable, student, senior, lease-up, and mixed-income property types. To learn more about how BetterBot's automation platform works, check out the Automation Basics — here, you'll find all the ways automation should work for your community and how to get started.

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