Answers the Calling of Bargain Hunters This Black Friday - 70+ Budget-Friendly VPN Deals

It is crowded, it is overwhelming, and it is crazy, welcome to Black Friday. A realm where retailer and eCommerce sites become battlegrounds. People are conquerors and the deals become the hunted. The same goes for the privacy bazaar. Users can find a myriad of VPN specials/discounts. conducts an in-depth analysis on providers to reveal the most inexpensive choices for Black Friday.

Best VPN Black Friday Deals

VPN services generally do not cost an arm and a leg. There are still many users on a limited budget, who regularly look for cheap, affordable options. Since the only free cheese is in the mousetrap, it is also imprudent to rely on free providers. They skimp on encryption standards and speeds, while adapting shady business practices. If that were not enough, every VPN thinks their own geese swans.

This is why looking for a suitable provider often becomes a difficult task. Prospects have tons of options available, all claiming to be the best. Every VPN goes the extra mile in marketing their services, but really, it is tough to know whether users receive strong privacy. With Black Friday approaching, however, users have an amazing opportunity to get access to famous VPN services with slashed prices and deals.

Providers around the world are looking for trendy ways to market their privacy tools this shopping season. Therefore, the “Google Analytics of VPNs” or decided it was a good idea to analyze the Black Friday VPN deals of different services. From a list of 150 providers, they identified 70+ services, providing amazing discounts/specials to keep users’ wallet intact and browsing activity secure.

The review website claims all providers went through a comprehensive analysis. This involved testing their capabilities for online privacy/anonymity, P2P/torrenting, simultaneous connections, dedicated apps, unblocking geo-restricted content, and finally value for money. In short, scoured the market to find the best VPN deals, straddling the line between great service and value.

These include popular providers of the VPN marketplace, like NordVPN, Surfshark, CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, and SaferVPN. Each offering deals that give remarkable discounts for varied subscriptions from 50 percent all the way to 83 percent. Ivacy, for instance, will be charging only $54 for 3-years. Surfshark only $47.76 to access the VPN for 24-months. CyberGhost only $45 for 18-months.

In addition, when conducted an in-depth PureVPN review, it uncovered an eye-catching 88% discount on a 5-year plan. Users only pay $79 for 60-months. As such, there is no wondering why Black Friday sends the whole world off into a shopping frenzy. If users want to take advantage of rock-bottom prices on VPNs, now is literally the best time to get an amazing deal.

“Being a bargain hunter myself, I personally look forward to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping seasons. There was a time where I used to camp out at stores in freezing temperatures to get the best deals. Now, looking at the online shopping industry, times have definitely changed. So, I decided why not create a guide to help users find the best Black Friday VPN deals? User-privacy is becoming increasingly important in the virtual world. Might as well get the best value for your money,” said Muhammad Hamza Shahid, a VPN analyst from


Founded in 2018, is the ultimate resource for privacy-concerned individuals, who want to enjoy an unfiltered and anonymous internet experience. The website acts as a weather forecast system for VPN technologies, providing you with the latest in cybersecurity. It also helps guide users through blogs/articles relating to digital privacy, in-depth provider reviews, and comparison of VPN technologies to select a suitable service, according to individual budgetary and anonymity requirements.



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Founded in 2018, is the ultimate resource for privacy-concerned users, who want to enjoy an unfiltered and anonymous internet experience. The website helps guiding users through guides relating to privacy, detailed VPN Review, and more.
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