Bespoke's Chat Service 'Bebot' to Assist in COVID-19 Traveler Safety at Tampa International Airport

Bebot x Tampa International Airport

Tampa International Airport and Bespoke recently launched the Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot service Bebot to address COVID-19 related traveler inquiries and provide a higher level of customer satisfaction for all guests.

Fast becoming an essential travel partner for emergency communication to ensure travelers' safety worldwide, Bebot is already available at airports worldwide including Tokyo and Vienna.

Travelers at Tampa International Airport (TPA) - recently voted the best mid-size airport in the U.S. - have instant access to the Bebot chatbot via the official airport website or on the airport's Wi-Fi splash page as soon as travelers connect to it. No additional downloads or account registrations are necessary to use the service.

Bebot's AI technology has been specifically developed to assist in the era of COVID-19 and provides real-time answers to traveler questions, and the latest travel information right in the user's hands.

The chat service shares up-to-date information about COVID-19 at Tampa International Airport such as local ordinances on gatherings, international and domestic travel bans, quarantine requirements in Florida specific to arrivals from each destination, new measures the airport is taking to ensure traveler safety, and offerings at the airport such as where to find free face masks.

Travelers and potential travelers can receive answers to questions such as, "Do I need to get tested before flying?" "Can I walk my son to the gate?" "Do I need to wear a face mask in the terminal?" and "I want to bring hand sanitizer on board, is it possible?" 

Travelers can also find out whom to contact and where to go if they show COVID symptoms, travel restrictions and country-specific quarantine procedures, permissions for non-flyers to enter the terminal, all to ensure that travelers have the most essential information at their fingertips.

"Tampa International Airport was searching for another way to engage and inform guests about COVID-19 and its impacts on the travel experience beyond the usual avenues," said Jon Vaden, TPA's Director of Marketing. "The Bebot chatbot allows us to provide timely COVID-19 information on our official website in an engaging format. We have already answered more than 18,000 questions and answers with a 90% accuracy rate. Because Bespoke makes ongoing real-time adjustments to the tool, the accuracy rate has increased continuously since launching."

Bebot, known as Japan's first travel chatbot, has been developed using AI built in-house by Bespoke Inc. First released in Japan in April 2016, Bebot is a customizable chatbot that allows businesses and establishments to provide real-time solutions and engagement with users and partners that can assist in a wide range of issues, from crisis management to driving in-market spend, as well as ensuring users have all the correct information in their hands.

With the success of Bebot in airports and governments across Japan, Bespoke is well-positioned to bring their AI technology across the globe.

About Tampa International Airport

Tampa International Airport (TPA) is the premier gateway to the West Coast of Florida with a market area of 7.3 million people living within a two-hour drive. The airport annually serves more than 22 million passengers with 90 domestic and international destinations. Travel & Leisure magazine and industry benchmark ASQ routinely rank TPA among the top airports in the U.S. The Hillsborough County Aviation is responsible for the management and development of Tampa International Airport, Peter O. Knight Airport, Tampa Executive Airport and the Plant City Airport.

About Bespoke Inc.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Bespoke is a global leader in providing AI-powered chatbots that help customer support organizations answer questions more quickly, accurately, and efficiently than traditional call centers. Working with major airports, cities and transport authorities, Bespoke's solution aids in congestion management, emergency communication and driving in-market spend. Bespoke's partners include the Narita International Airport, Vienna International Airport, Tokyo Metro, Niseko, and Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO). As of January 2021, over 12 million travelers interact with Bespoke's Chatbot annually.

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Source: Bespoke Inc.