Bespoke's AI-Based Chatbot 'Bebot' Implemented by Niseko Resort Area

Leading resort destination Niseko is introducing an innovative AI chatbot "Bebot", to provide visitors with real-time answers and information.

Bespoke x Niseko

​The world-famous Niseko Resort in Japan is leveraging innovation in a time of crisis. "Bebot", the AI-based chatbot, now offers tourists reliable information and answers to frequently asked questions in real-time. The communication tool developed in-house by Bespoke Inc. is evolving into an indispensable travel tool for tourists across the globe as well as for companies in the tourist business.

"With Bebot, we are taking the next step towards a more digitally focused future for Niseko. It is essential to provide tourists with real-time, easily accessible, information and assistance, particularly during the current tourism climate," says Alister Buckingham, Marketing Manager of the Niseko Promotion Board.

"We are very delighted to support the communication work of the winter sports region of Niseko. Winter sports enthusiasts and tourists from all over the world appreciate receiving reliable information in real time. The introduction of Bebot in the Niseko Ski Resort represents the first time the software is being used in a Japanese skiing area," states Akemi Tsunagawa, founder and CEO of Bespoke.

Artificial intelligence for versatile communication

The Bebot chatbot for tourist inquiries is now available in real time in one of Japan's largest and most popular ski areas. Tourists are provided with all kinds of tourism-related information and can get immediate responses to frequently asked questions from Bebot via their smartphones without having to call a service line or search online. Bebot also supplies real-time data on the current COVID-19 situation, lift operations and the current weather on mountain peaks to enable improved planning of ski tours and day trips in the mountains. Users can ask questions such as "Can you tell me the lift status?" or "Where can I get a PCR test in Niseko?". Bebot can be accessed by visiting either the Niseko Promotion Board or partner websites or by using the official Niseko App. Visitors on site can also access the AI chatbot by scanning a QR code with their smartphone. Interaction with the chatbot is currently possible in English and Japanese. The tool will be expanded to include other languages in the future.

Useful customer feedback to adapt offerings

Not only does Bebot provide tourists and locals with valuable and reliable information, but it also conducts simple surveys of users. In addition, the inquiries recorded by Bebot serve as the basis for deducing trends and special needs.

The chatbot Bebot promotes interaction with target groups

The AI-based chatbot "Bebot", Japan's first and most widely used travel chatbot, was developed in-house by Bespoke Inc. and initially released in April 2016. Bebot provides assistance on a wide range of customer and corporate issues. It is a customizable and versatile chatbot offering accurate information for the respective target group, from crisis management to serving as a virtual infopoint or analytical tool for the purpose of revenue enhancement. Numerous international airports, tourist areas and governments already rely on the AI-based Bebot technology to provide real-time responses to their customers.

About the Niseko Promotion Board

Niseko Tourism is a non-profit organization with the aim of promoting the tourist area Niseko as a four-season holiday destination and increasing the overall number of visitors to the area. Overall, more than 400 companies such as hotels, restaurants, leisure facilities and shops in Niseko are represented by Niseko Tourism.

About Bespoke

Headquartered in Tokyo, Bespoke Inc. is the world's leading developer of multilingual Artificial Intelligence solutions serving the travel and tourism industry. Bespoke provides solutions to major airports, cities and transport authorities to aid in congestion management, emergency communication and driving in-market spend. Bespoke's partners include Narita International Airport, Sendai International Airport, Mie Prefecture, Holiday Inn, Tampa International Airport and Vienna International Airport. Bespoke has also developed a chatbot to combat the current coronavirus pandemic for use in Japan and globally. As of January 2020, over twelve million travelers interact with Bespoke's Chatbot annually.

Source: Bespoke