Bennett Movers Helps Tenants & Landlords Understand Their Rights Under the Updated New York State Eviction Laws

New York State Eviction Laws

With the recent signing of the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019, Bennett Movers – a local eviction moving company – is helping residents understand the important policy changes affecting New York State eviction laws. While this act implements changes throughout the state, the new laws are primarily aimed to protect the renters in New York City.

The city’s diverse housing market is often fraught with inequities, especially for renters without a coveted rent-controlled property and the new act is set to create a market more favorable to renters. However, the new rights for renters may come at the expense of New York’s landlords and property managers.

According to Bennett Movers, the new eviction laws in New York help both tenants and landlords understand their legal rights. New York renters need to be aware of the rights afforded them landlords must be cognisant of the constraints applied under the new legislation.

New York Eviction Law Updates

The legal eviction process in New York state now requires landlords to provide tenants with more time throughout the eviction process with the hope that additional time resources will ease the strain of eviction on tenants, particularly for families with children.

  • First, tenants have 30 days now, instead of 10 days to mitigate lease violations.
  • If a tenant is late on rent, a landlord must wait six days past the due date before demanding rent or charging a late fee.
  • Next, if a lease is broken, the responsibility falls to the landlord to rent the property to someone else.
  • Then, landlords are required to serve a petition at least 10 days prior to the eviction hearing, instead of a minimum of 5 days. The window for a petition to be served is now 10-17 days instead of 5-12 days.
  • Lastly, after an eviction warrant has been issued, a tenant now has 14 days to vacate the premises instead of three days.

In addition to the extended time frames listed, landlords must also be aware that illegal evictions will become a misdemeanor offense with potential fines ranging from $1,000 to $10,000.

Critics suggest that additional time throughout the eviction process won’t address the source of the problem leading to the eviction process and will, instead, impair the landlord’s financial ability to maintain properties.

Whether a tenant or a landlord, Bennet Movers recognizes that eviction is complicated and stressful for both parties. As eviction movers, Bennett Movers specializes in assisting throughout the process by providing eviction moving services as well as necessary eviction documents. Contact today to seek further counsel or more information.

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