Belize: The New Retirement Capital for the Year 2016

With exceptionally valued real estate, strong retirement incentives and of course a beautiful tropical climate, Belize is on everyone's radar as the retirement destination for 2016.

​Retirement for Americans once meant going to Florida – but this has changed greatly over the years. People now have many options in regards to where they would want to retire. Most of the Americans are opting to go abroad to retire and to capitalize on locations lower costs of living, great culture, beautiful scenery and amazing benefits that are being offered to retirees. Who would not love to stay in a place where you can buy a property at a considerable lower price? Americans dream of living a comfortable middle-class lifestyle in their retirement and that is not easy to achieve in the United States but in you retire in Belize that dream can come true.

    The reasons as to why many people are choosing Belize as their retirement place are because;

  • Belize is a stable country. Their economy offers the lowest inflation rates in the world that will definitely make want to pack up your bag immediately and start looking for the possible place to live.
  • If you decide to live in Belize you will never feel like you are away from home. With just two hours or less travel to the east coast, you will be able to have a visit with your family, kids and friends anytime you wanted.
  • You will never get lost with the country’s laws. As Belize’s law system is based on British Law that makes it easier for Americans to be comfortable and familiar with.
  • Belize Real Estate may not be the cheapest in Central America but its cost is lower if compared with the real estate cost in the United States and what makes it amazing is the Government of Belize does not excessively tax their expat especially if you are a retiree as you could have zero tax liability.
  • As a retiree and you are over 45, Belize is offering a retirement program that will not only help you establish your legal residency but also provides you with special benefits and tax advantages that you can enjoy.

Belize is a place where you can enjoy the sun, sea and the wind. This is a natural paradise that many expats and retiree look after in a place where ultimate relaxation and enjoyment can be achieved. Living in Belize will also offer you things as there are many attractions and spots that you can go and visit anytime. With the people that is very accommodating and love to help each other, you will definitely love your stay in this country.

Belize will teach you things that you never thought are important in your life. As the way of living in this country is very different from where you came from, adapting to their culture is also easy. You can have new friends, learn to love yourself and your family more and will also help you realize that a whole new life is given to you. Which is why, Belize has been the favorite of many retirees and expats to live in and been doing that for decades now. Belize helps you to make your dream come true.