Belize Proudly Welcome Curio - a Collection by Hilton

The controversial country of Belize has once again taken the world of Tourism by storm. Recently, the Prestigious Hilton has announced that their upscale hotels and resorts will be coming to Belize.

Ambergris Caye, Belize, June 29, 2016 (Newswire) -The controversial country of Belize has once again taken the world of Tourism by storm. Recently, the Prestigious Hilton has announced that their upscale hotels and resorts will be coming to Belize. The announcement took place in San Pedro, Belize on Ambergris Caye were the tourism industry partners, government agencies, and development investors are all present in delivering the good news.

The Curio Collection by Hilton at the Mahogany Bay Village will be accepting guests not later 2017. Being the first Hilton Worldwide property in Belize, the resort will be composed of 205 cottages and villa style rooms that sit on a 60-acre property that features private residence, spa, bay and beach clubs, meeting space and the most awaited “The Village”. The Village will feature different entrepreneurial stores which are open to both public and resort guests.

Having Hilton in Belize is an expected event, although the government of Belize has plans of attracting well-known developers, operators and investors to visit their country for possible business and operation, they never actually see Hilton, which is one of the leading global hospitability company to have one of their upscale resorts on Belize. Until two years ago Robert Holmes and Juan Corvinos the Managing Director of Development of Hilton Worldwide had a talk with Belize Tourism Board and settle their first initial contract for Curio.

According to, Juan Corvinos, developing The Resort at Mahogany Bay Village has come at an ideal time and with a well-matched partner. Mahogany Bay has been Hilton’s partner in pursuing Curio. The Village has invested a dashing amount of 80M dollars for the development of the upscale resort.

With such a huge investment, the developers of Curio - A Collection by Hilton ensures that the Guests coming in the Resort at Mahogany Bay Village will experience superb upscale accommodations and amenities that stick with the authentic culture of the country. Although the Resort will be known as an upscale hotel and resort, it would still be made from local sustainable harvested hardwoods and artistically designed heirloom quality furniture.

But this milestone would not even take place without the hard working government of Belize. From the statement released by Tracy Panton, the Minister of State, Trade and Commerce, the Tourism Industry of Belize has been speaking about finding ways to attract World Wide investors for years to operate in Belize so that the country can be known as a tourism-driven company.

According to sources, it is rumored that before Hilton’s partnership with Mahogany Village the tourism industry of Belize has actually been receiving proposals from different chains like Hyatt, Marriot, Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton for the past 15 years but none of these chains has actually materialized.  With the opening of the Resort in Mahogany Village, it will not only solidify the amazing value of Ambergris Caye's real estate market but it also encourages travelers to experience what Belize has to offer. With this at hand, Belizeans and their Government should prepare themselves for the numerous opportunities brought by the Realtors and Investors who will be working with them hand in hand.  

Ambergris Caye, Belize, June 29, 2016 (Newswire) -​

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