Bebot: World's 1st AI Chatbot for Drivers Debuts at Japan's International Airport

With Bespoke Inc., the Japanese Car Rental Giant, Park24 Group brings a new digital experience for foreign visitors.

Bespoke Inc. and Park 24 collaborate to launch world's first AI chatbot for car rental customers

Bespoke Inc. today announced a collaboration with Times Mobility Networks Co., Ltd. (“Times”), a subsidiary of Park24 Co., Ltd., to offer the AI chatbot concierge Bebot to their customers. With this, Times became the first car rental agency in the world to offer such a service. Once customers register at respective Times counters, Bebot is immediately available for use. From each customer's preferred messaging platform, Bebot recommends the best local restaurants and attractions. Times can also learn customers’ preferences from chat history.

Bebot is an AI-powered chatbot, mirroring the capabilities of a personal concierge and available in English and Chinese. Through Bebot, travelers have access to exclusive recommendations in local areas and easy to follow road directions. Bebot can also make restaurant reservations and display reviews. Bebot’s adaptability allows travelers to flexibly plan their travels, without worrying about obstacles such as language barriers. Moreover, all communication with Bebot is done through the traveler’s preferred messaging platform, so there is no need to download additional apps or switch between multiple browser windows. All travel plans can be accessed in one place.

Bebot was initially launched in Japan in April 2017, and currently services international hotel chains such as Holiday Inn. Bebot is easily customizable, allowing for personalized travel experiences for travelers and for fulfilling unique business needs for each client. For example, in order to streamline customer service inquiries, Bebot can automate answers to frequently asked questions. These questions can be customized to suit the needs of each business through an intuitive administrative interface, with customization varying per contract. Bebot not only saves valuable employee time, but provides a seamless experience for travelers wherever they are.

Bebot will be offered via Times Mobility Network Service’s Times Car RENTAL. After the inaugural launch at Tokyo Narita Airport, Japan’s main international airport, Bebot will soon be available at Times Car RENTAL counters nationwide.

About Bespoke Inc.

Tokyo-based Bespoke Inc. is a leading AI solution provider for the travel industry. Its AI concierge, Bebot, is Japan's first multilingual chatbot that acts as a personal concierge, servicing a wide range of places in Japan from historic hotels to international hotel chains such as Holiday Inn, enhancing guest experiences.

About Times Mobility Networks Co., Ltd.

Times Mobility Networks Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of PARK24 Co., Ltd. Since its founding in 1965, it currently counts 444 branches nationwide. The services include car rental, car sharing and secondhand car sales. Times Car RENTAL is the car rental service by Times Mobility Networks Co., Ltd.


About Bespoke Inc.

Founder:     Akemi Tsunagawa​
Headquarters:     Tokyo, Japan​
​Founded:    October 2015

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About Bespoke Inc.

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Founded in 2015 in Tokyo, Bespoke Inc. is dedicated to enabling amazing local experiences to hotel guests through data and artificial intelligence. Current products include Bebot, the AI concierge, and LEVART travel community.

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