Bebot Comes to JR's Izu Craile Making the World's 1st AI Supported Resort Train

The Bebot chatbot provides personal AI assistance to passengers on board the Izu Craile train and at 8 additional stations.

Bebot x Izu Craile Resort Train

​Bespoke Inc. ("Bespoke") and East Japan Railway Company ("JR East") are excited to announce the latest expansion of Bebot, the world's first chatbot for hotels, airports, stations and cities. The AI chatbot will now be available onboard JR East's Izu Craile Resort Train, as well as eight new railway stations along the Izu Peninsula, a popular tourist destination.

Bebot already offers guidance to travelers at Narita International Airport, Tokyo Station and many well-known hotels in Japan, such as Hotel New Otani. The launch onboard Izu Craile and eight more stations now provides English speaking users with the confidence to venture out of the city to more remote parts of Japan.

Bebot offers multiple advantages to railway companies. Firstly, automation to fulfill simple traveler requests can lead to cutting costs on behalf of the railway company. Secondly, Bebot can assist in directing traveler traffic to specific areas by seamlessly sending recommendations in chat. Thirdly, Bebot can collect passenger insights to find business opportunities and collect feedback to improve railway facilities and services.

Bebot encompasses Japanese hospitality into an AI chatbot, complementing the luxurious services of the Izu Craile train. Users can access Bebot on board the trains where QR codes will be placed in seat pockets. Users can also access Bebot from posters at the eight partnered stations in the Izu area. All travelers need to do is scan a QR code to access Bebot, available on any device without any additional downloads.

In addition to providing information about events, amenities, and menu options onboard the resort train, Bebot will provide travelers with vital details about each respective station. Travelers will also be assisted with basic tourist information, such as details about main attractions close to each station. Riders will be able to relax and enjoy their trips more, knowing that convenient help is at their phones at all times.

Bespoke has been developing Bebot's AI technology through human chat support to ensure that the chatbot is always learning and improving. Since its launch in 2017, Bebot has been helping users receive customized directions, tips, and essential information all through its simple chat interface.


Based in Tokyo, Japan, Bespoke Inc. is leading the development of multilingual solutions through its Artificial Intelligence technology. With focuses on accessibility and local resources for users from over 100 countries, one of the company's most popular products is its Bebot AI travel concierge. Bespoke Inc. creates client-tailored AI solutions for a wide range of customers, including Holiday Inn, Sofitel Hotels & Resorts, and Narita International Airport.

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