Bear Claw Events, Inc. Team Member on Conference Gains

​At Bear Claw Events, Inc., it’s a privilege to be selected to attend the Dallas leadership conference. Most associates go for one aspect. Xiomara, however, has had dual experience at the event and offers pointers to share.

“This is the Bear Claw Events, Inc. team’s fifth time attending the conference in Dallas,” said Matt, the firm’s Director of Operations. “Xiomara started off working in the field, but has moved over to the administration side, which has broadened her perspective of the business.”

"This is the Bear Claw Events, Inc. team's fifth time attending the conference in Dallas."

Matt, Director of Operations

Matt continued to note how this time, Xiomara was able to use her time at the conference to gain a greater understanding of her new role at Bear Claw Events, Inc. while sharing some valuable insights with fellow administrators. “Xiomara was able to express to other admins how important it is to utilize each other’s strengths and work together,” he noted. 

Xiomara echoed Matt’s sentiments. “We believe that teamwork is critical,” she said. “We let the other administrators know that we’re here to help. It’s about working smarter, not harder.” 

Along with Xiomara, Matt noted that Laura, one of the firm’s top leaders, also participated in the conference. “Laura fits into no stereotypes,” he said. “She’s cut and dry. She gets straight to the point with a GO-GO-GO attitude.”

Bear Claw Events, Inc.’s Manager Describes What the Firm Looks for in Leadership

Matt noted that the Bear Claw Events, Inc. team members selected for this event have demonstrated key leadership qualities that make them stand out. “We look to advance people who are already thinking and working toward their next position, not just performing their current job,” he said. “These are individuals who are fearless in asking for more responsibility and hungry to do more.”

“We look at people who are not only striving to excel and meet their own goals, but also help others succeed,” Matt stated. “Xiomara is a perfect example. She believes that it’s important to win as one. What she advised other admins in Dallas represents our culture here. We want everyone to make it. You never have to think you’re on your own. Our associates who lift others are the ones we see as building our future.”

“Society tends to define success based on individual accomplishments,” Matt concluded. “In our firm, we celebrate both personal and group performance because we know that we win together. The Dallas conference reinforced that belief and gave us the energy to keep moving forward as one.”

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