Bear Claw Events, Inc. Partners With Classroom Essential

The President of Bear Claw Events, Inc. discussed the firm's recent volunteer work with Classroom Essential and broader commitment to giving. He also highlighted a few benefits of company expansion.

​An ongoing commitment to charitable giving is a major part of the Bear Claw Events, Inc. work culture. Matt, the firm’s President, explained that fundraising efforts, hands-on volunteer work, and other giveback projects strengthen team morale and the company’s reputation. The firm’s brand experts recently partnered with a nonprofit called Classroom Essential, which donates school supplies to various districts in the Charlotte area.

Matt noted that contributing to the Classroom Essential mission was an ideal opportunity for team members to make positive impacts on people’s lives. The team believes every student should be equipped with the proper learning tools and not have to worry about going to school hungry. Classroom Essential is a proven difference maker in the region, so Matt looks forward to supporting the organization again in the near future.

The firm’s President explained that team members enjoy every chance to step outside their normal routines to make real differences in the community. He also stated that taking time to support good causes helps teach brand experts important values they’ll need when they become business owners. Empathy and networking skills are two of the key attributes that can be developed through giving back to those in need.

Team Bear Claw Events, Inc. Is Preparing for Expansion

Along with ambitious goals for future social giving, Matt also shared details on the company’s expansion plans. He explained that making an impact through various methods reflects Bear Claw Events, Inc.’s commitment to setting high benchmarks. In the months and years to come, company leaders expect to enter several new markets and expand awareness for promoted brands even more.

There are many benefits that come along with entering new regions, including a wider customer base to reach. Matt remarked that Team Bear Claw Events, Inc. is excited to bring innovative brands to the front of more people’s minds than ever before. Expanding into new markets will also enhance the firm’s standing in the marketplace, attracting more top companies to its portfolio.

The company’s ambitious growth targets will also create more opportunities for driven candidates to join the team. As they venture into vibrant new markets, Matt and the rest of the Bear Claw Events, Inc. leadership team will be looking for passionate and business-minded people to come on board.

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