Bear Claw Events, Inc. is Helping Improve Children's Lives

The President of Bear Claw Events, Inc. detailed a few of the company's recent team giveback events. He also outlined some of the business benefits that come with supporting good causes in the community.

​Philanthropy is one of the core values that defines the Bear Claw Events, Inc. ethos. Matt, the firm’s President, stated, “It’s important for us to come together as a team to support good causes. We give back to local nonprofits because it feels good to make a positive impact while forging stronger bonds with our teammates. Recently, we took time from our busy schedules to do something charitable for several North Carolina school districts.”

Bear Claw Events, Inc. is partnering with an organization called Classroom Central to provide school supplies and donations for less fortunate children. Matt explained, “Classroom Central serves over 127,000 students. Along with supplies, the nonprofit also focuses on providing meals and clothing for kids in need. Our branding experts won’t just be donating educational tools; they’ll also give their time by helping prep classrooms with necessary supplies such as flash cards.”

"It's important for us to come together as a team to support good causes. We give back to local nonprofits because it feels good to make a positive impact while forging stronger bonds with our teammates."

Matt, President

Teachers often spend $500 or more out of their own pockets to provide basics for their students, so Matt believes this latest giveback event is an especially important one. He remarked, “It’s humbling for our team members to contribute to such a great cause. Making positive impacts on children’s lives is just about the best feeling we can have, so we build some remarkable morale as we do so.”

Bear Claw Events, Inc.’s President on the Benefits of Social Impact Efforts

The rewarding feeling that comes with supporting community organizations is just one of its rewards. Matt stated, “It feels great to contribute to a worthy cause, and we certainly build team camaraderie in the process. However, there are some definite business benefits we’ve reaped through our commitment to giving.”

When members of Team Bear Claw Events, Inc. come together to support great charities, they help the firm gain respect and an even stronger reputation in the community. “We want people to associate our name with uplifting work,” Matt said. “This goes for our sales and marketing strategies as well as our volunteer activities. I think it’s fair to say that we become a more attractive destination for top-flight candidates with every team giveback event.”

Making local connections is another key element of philanthropic efforts. By interacting with business leaders and prominent local figures, the firm’s branding experts help open doors to future ventures and unexpected opportunities.

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