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Representatives from the Bear Claw Events, Inc. team recently returned from a quarterly conference. These associates enjoyed opportunities to network with industry leaders and share their progress with other regions.

“It was a truly wonderful event,” state Matt L., Bear Claw Events, Inc.’s director. “Each team member who attended benefitted in some way from the experience. I would love to bottle the excitement with which they returned to work.”

As Matt describes, the quarterly conference allowed the team the opportunity to learn from industry leaders. “Each conference offers a different round of information,” he shared. “It’s great for those attending to gain knowledge and techniques they can readily employ with our team here.”

"These conferences are also perks for those who qualify to attend,"

Matt , Director

The conference has several interactive components as well, said Matt. “Each regional team is asked to present their progress. They receive feedback from the experts as well as their peers from other regions. There are many best practices and solutions to commonly shared problems. I’m always interested in what our Bear Claw Events, Inc. team will be able to share when they return.”

Bear Claw Events, Inc. Managers Share Their Thoughts on Conference Benefits

While many company leaders are skeptical when it comes to funding travel, Matt suggests that the ROI is far greater than the expense. “First of all, you’re investing in your team,” he noted. “Our Bear Claw Events, Inc. associates are always more innovative after they’re inspired by the conference themes.”

Networking opportunities top the list of conference benefits. “At these quarterly conferences, our team meets some of the brightest minds in the field, as well as counterparts from different areas in the country,” Matt shared. “As a result, they’ve formed some real bonds with others to whom they can turn as sounding boards for ideas or solutions.”

“These conferences are also perks for those who qualify to attend,” Matt continued. “We invite everyone to work toward the goals needed to participate. They have to earn travel. When they do receive the chance to go, it’s as if they hit the lottery.”

“Ultimately, the most beneficial aspect of these conferences is the energy they generate, before, during and afterward,” Matt concluded. “We will always be supporters of conferences and other travel events. It’s worthwhile to see team members enthusiastically work to participate. We reap more than we plant. As a matter of fact, there’s already a buzz generating about who will qualify to attend the next function!”

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