Bear Claw Events, Inc.'s Value-Based Strategy Fosters Growth

Bear Claw Events, Inc.'s team has adopted a strategy for growth that is driven by cultural values. Matt L., the company Director, indicated that this approach has added new energy and focus to the sales and marketing firm.

​Success in business is as much about people as it is about product. This is especially true for companies like Bear Claw Events, Inc., where the team’s creativity and drive is the product. Matt stated that he and his management team have invested significant time and energy into the office culture, knowing that an inspired group of associates are the keys to success.

“We have created a culture around teamwork, professionalism, and passion,” he stated. “This culture has helped make Bear Claw Events, Inc. so much stronger. Our values have made us better at working together, better at exciting others with our brand, and better at improving ourselves. Having a clear, value-based identity as a firm has made it easier to aggressively learn and grow.”

"We have created a culture around teamwork, professionalism, and passion,"

Matt , Director

Matt indicated that establishing this cultural development initiative began with the intention to help team members succeed. He explained that the foundation of a strong culture allows everyone to operate more flexibly while still maintaining a strong and consistent image. This in turn has resulted in better results and greater value for the brands they serve.

“Growing our business is about delivering value in a way others can’t,” Matt said. “Our team and culture have proven consistently to be our keys to success. By leveraging these strengths we have developed a portfolio of brands that thrive as a result of our experiential marketing campaigns.”

Bear Claw Events, Inc.’s Director Discusses Leadership Development

Another part of Bear Claw Events, Inc.’s strategy for growth is developing leadership potential throughout the organization. Matt stated that he firmly believes every associate should be a leader in his or her own way.

“When thinking about business leadership, a lot of people jump straight to one or two executives,” he said. “However, I have found that everyone contributes in some way to leading a company toward success. This is a great thing because a robust business needs differing voices and perspectives.”

Matt and the Bear Claw Events, Inc. management team are mentoring their associates to help them become stronger leaders. He asserted that having opportunities to lead combined with a strong feedback loop is the best way to teach necessary skills.

“Some aspects of leadership can be taught,” he continued. “However, the majority needs to be learned through experimentation and practice, supported by guidance from a mentor. This approach has proven remarkably effective for our team.”

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