Bear Claw Events, Inc.'s Team Enjoys Travel Perks

Leaders at Bear Claw Events, Inc. give their team members a wide range of travel incentives. The firm's director discussed this and highlighted a few ways professionals grow by traveling.

​The associates at Bear Claw Events, Inc. are always on the move. Travel is a key point of emphasis for company leaders, and they are always on the lookout for new opportunities to expand their team’s horizons. “There’s nothing like exploring new places to bolster confidence and give you a fresh perspective,” said Matt L., the firm’s director. “That’s why I like to send our associates to industry events and exotic retreats. They always return to the office with new insights and heightened motivation.”

Industry conferences, educational seminars, and networking events are among the routine excursions taken by Bear Claw Events, Inc.’s team members. “Our people thrive in these settings, despite how crowded and overwhelming they may appear,” the director added. “They connect with top performers from across North America, where they gain insight into emerging promotional methods. They also return to work with new contacts that can lead to future partnerships for the firm.”

"Our people thrive in these settings, despite how crowded and overwhelming they may appear,"

Matt , Director

A few members of the Bear Claw Events, Inc. team returned from the firm’s annual rest and relaxation retreat. As Matt explained, “This is one of the more coveted travel incentives we offer, and it’s fun to see how competitive our associates get to win the right to attend. There was lots of fun in the sun during the retreat, but there were also many professional benefits. As much as it’s about relaxation and reflection, the retreat offers further opportunities to share best practices and forge new business relationships. Our attendees made the most of those chances.”

 Bear Claw Events, Inc.’s Director Outlines the Overlooked Positives of Business Travel

 Matt and the Bear Claw Events, Inc. executive team understand that the benefits of travel don’t always present themselves right away. “Some of the most positive things that emerge from traveling for business are intangible,” the director noted. “That doesn’t mean they don’t pay off in big ways.”

There’s a rewarding feeling that comes with venturing away from the office. Matt encourages his team members to take in the sights, sounds, and tastes that a new city offers. “We are excited to visit the best restaurants and museums when we hit the road,” he remarked.

Traveling also boosts a professional’s time management abilities. The director said, “There is always some type of unexpected delay during a trip. Plus, there tends to be a good deal of downtime when you attend a conference or seminar. Learning to manage your time and get important things done while traveling can help you become more productive back at the office.”

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