Bear Claw Events, Inc. Receives Accolade for Work Culture

The President of Bear Claw Events, Inc. detailed a prestigious award the company received for its inspiring team atmosphere. He also discussed the events that bring the firm's promotional specialists closer together.

"We take pride in the successful team culture we've built here at Bear Claw Events, Inc.," stated Matt, the company's President. "Our firm recently received the Top Places to Work Badge by Fair Business Report, which affirms our efforts to create and maintain a winning work atmosphere." This designation is given to companies with 10 or more positive reviews on the FBR website in a calendar year. 

The President further explained, "FBR awards this badge to organizations that uphold core values and give team members extensive developmental opportunities. Our Bear Claw Events, Inc. commitment to social giving is another reason we were recognized in this way. It's a great tribute to the dedication our promotional specialists display day in and day out."

"We take pride in the successful team culture we've built here at Bear Claw Events, Inc.,"

Matt, President

Among the other criteria considered by FBR are fair advancement policies and coaching or mentoring systems that help team members succeed. Matt added, "We have all these bases covered as well. Mentorship is something we stress from each new hire's first days on the job. When it comes to promotions, we base them on merit and share clear expectations so our people know exactly what they need to do to advance to the next level."

Bear Claw Events, Inc.'s President Highlights Team-Building Events

Members of Team Bear Claw Events, Inc. enjoy a wide range of activities that tighten bonds while improving the overall work atmosphere. Training sessions are some of the most valuable of these team endeavors. The President remarked, "There's something about learning new concepts together that draws our promotional specialists closer. Not only do our people forge stronger connections through group training sessions, they also seem to absorb new information more easily when they do so with colleagues."

Travel events also provide a high degree of developmental potential for the firm's team members. Matt stated, "Whether it's a conference, road trip, or relaxing retreat, our people build stronger connections when they expand their horizons through travel. By spending time around high achievers from all across our industry, our team members gain fresh perspectives on the value of their own work. They also get to know more about each other's unique talents in the process. The end result is streamlined collaboration around the Bear Claw Events, Inc. office."

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