Bear Claw Events, Inc. on the Benefits of Customer Service

Bear Claw Events, Inc. is committed to a personal approach in their consumer contact. Every team member at the company focuses on making sure the needs of the business and its customers are the top priority.

​Bear Claw Events, Inc.’s leadership attributes their success to making sure every campaign is important. As company director Matt explains, “Our team members know that growing our business depends on long-term customer satisfaction. Poor service accounts for the vast majority of businesses ending their relationships with companies. Moreover, customer retention is much less expensive than acquiring new buyers.”

Customer service begins with listening. At the outset of any project, all parties must understand its needs, scope, and budget. Matt underlined the importance of listening as well, saying “[It] is the most important aspect of customer satisfaction. We make sure our people at Bear Claw Events, Inc. have a full understanding of the business needs at the start. We do not make assumptions about any part of the campaign.”

"Our team members know that growing our business depends on long-term customer satisfaction. "

Matt, Director

“Through active listening, we can focus on the brand and get it right the first time. We establish brand loyalty for ourselves by understanding the requirements and creating a campaign that produces results. That benefits our bottom line,” the director commented.

Bear Claw Events, Inc. Sticks to Old-Fashioned Basics to Show Customer Appreciation

Bear Claw Events, Inc.’s team also knows that basic manners benefit customer satisfaction and retention. Those behaviors tell any individual he or she is valued and appreciated.

Matt described some of those behaviours: “Our people know the value of small gestures. They send hand-written notes to thank business leaders for opportunities to work together. They also make personal phone calls to check in after a campaign's launch. These are small tokens but those personal contacts make a big difference. They tell the professionals we serve that we value them.”

In our always-connected world, team members at Bear Claw Events, Inc. make sure they disconnect from their smart phones and tablets when working with business associates and customers. They leave any frustrations and annoyances behind to make sure customer service is foremost on their minds. Matt equated it to the familiar environment of the neighbourhood market. “We want those we do business with to feel like they walked into the corner store. They are greeted with a warm smile, and know they are respected and appreciated.”

Bear Claw Events, Inc.’s success is based on excellent customer service. All team members focus on a buyer-centered approach to doing business. They know it is the most important ingredient for customer retention.

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Bear Claw Events embraces a simple goal: Offer dynamic and interactive strategies to champion products and services more effectively. Businesses wishing to try a different approach to growing their market share reach out to the firm to take advantage of state of the art approaches fitted for the modern world. Marketing experts listen to client objectives and design the best campaign to expose the features and benefits of the client's product or service to the most effective audience.


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