Bear Claw Events, Inc. Leverages Communication Training

The Bear Claw Events, Inc. management team has been focusing associate training on communication skills. According to Matt L., the company's president, this emphasis has been hugely beneficial for the team.

The marketing world is largely about communication, so it seems natural that the team at Bear Claw Events, Inc. would focus training efforts on this area. As Matt explained, however, the benefits extend far beyond basic service provision. This training program has been a recent key to their success.

"Communication skills are central to many business functions,"

Matt , President

"Communication skills are central to many business functions, Matt stated. As such, they are a major focus of our training efforts. Thanks to this initiative our team members are more trusting of each other. They are able to understand each other more easily, leading to streamlined collaborative work. This has helped them produce some truly inspired ideas.

Of course, communication skills provide more than just clearer interactions. According to Matt, this training program has resulted in greater confidence among team members. He pointed out that many people struggle with effective communication. As such, teaching this skill has been a major boost to morale and self-assurance.

Everyone has been feeling a little more like a team recently, he added. Good communication is an unavoidable requirement for any organization. So, we can choose to do it well or do it poorly. Obviously, we opted for the former. The results so far have been stunning. This has definitely been a worthwhile investment for us.

Bear Claw Events, Inc.s President Discusses Leadership Conference


Matt indicated that the Bear Claw Events, Inc. team recently attended a national leadership conference that takes place every quarter. This was an excellent opportunity for the group to discuss the latest ideas in the industry with their colleagues from other offices. There was also a wide range of talks and workshops with experts in the fields of business and leadership.

I was really excited to bring my team to the conference, Matt said. I think it was excellent exposure for them. They got to network with leading professionals from our industry, and had the chance to learn from some of the most knowledgeable people in our field.

He stated that it was also an outstanding opportunity to network with other professionals. It is always a good idea to get to know colleagues from other firms, he said. This is the largest gathering this quarter, Matt concluded. It represents an exceptional chance for our team to get to know their peers in other offices. This conference will definitely be an inspirational experience for us all.

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