Bear Claw Events Inc. Expands Team With Growth Opportunities

The Bear Claw Events Inc. team is setting its sights on growth for both its members and the company. According to Matt L., the company Director, they have recently promoted two associates and are focusing on networking.

​​Matt indicated that Bear Claw Events Inc. has always been focused on creating opportunities for growth. He and his team are dedicated to helping their associates grow both personally and professionally. As such, he is excited to be able to announce the recent promotions of Marley.

“Marley will be taking on a new level of responsibility at our company,” he said. “She has shown how dedicated, creative, and focused she is. We strongly believe in her abilities and cannot wait to see how she will continue to impress us in this new role. Marley is a perfect example of how Bear Claw Events Inc.’s team members can seize opportunities here.”

"It is important to keep helping team members develop their abilities professionally,"

Matt, Director

Bear Claw Events Inc.’s Director Discussed Business Travel

According to Matt, one of the major advantages of working at Bear Claw Events Inc. is the opportunity for travel. His team just returned from a retreat in California, where they focused on team building and positivity. This was intended to help improve productivity and excitement, leading to better performance.

“It is important to keep helping team members develop their abilities professionally,” Matt asserted. “We will also be sending four of our best representatives to an upcoming networking event. They will have the chance to meet other professionals from around the country as well as learn plenty of new things in talks and workshops.”

Matt stated that these travel opportunities are great benefits because they allow Bear Claw Events Inc. team members to see the world. Additionally, they make working at the sales and marketing firm far from routine.

“Every day is a new adventure when traveling,” he added. “We frequently meet new people, try new foods, and learn about different cultures. As they say, variety is the spice of life, and working on our team is certainly a chance to experience variety. Of course, getting to meet so many new people around the country and world is also excellent for career development. Business travel is great!”

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Source: Bear Claw Events, Inc.