Bear Claw Events, Inc. Announces Promotions

The executives at Bear Claw Events, Inc. promoted four team members into managerial roles. The company's director discussed how the firm's culture provides an environment for success.

​The management team at Bear Claw Events, Inc. is pleased to announce that four of its team members have recently transitioned into the roles of campaign managers in the company. “We are excited to announce that Melanie, Jalisa, Megan, and Dmitri have been promoted,” said Matt, the firm’s director. “Congratulations to each of you for a job well done!”

Matt outlined what the executive team considers when evaluating individuals for promotion. “At Bear Claw Events, Inc., we value contributors who are willing to learn, able to think creatively, and willing to take risks,” he said. “Given our team culture, we value individuals who are invested in the success of the group.”

"The talent these individuals have is incredible,"

Matt, Director

Each individual was recognized for demonstrating the skills needed to manage outreach initiatives. “To manage a marketing campaign, you must exhibit strong leadership abilities,” stated Matt. “This requires developing close relationships with customers, motivating the team, and enabling other associates to leverage their strengths. It’s much more than overseeing schedules and deliverables.”

“The talent these individuals have is incredible,” indicated Matt. “Melanie just joined us very recently. In such a short time she has become a campaign manager!” Jalisa has also proven herself by demonstrating her talents through her participation in prior marketing campaigns. “I am very proud of Jalisa,” said Matt. “She is a hard worker who, through her experience, has earned her position on the campaign management team.”

The company’s environment for success has also proven to be a fertile training ground for Megan and Dmitri. “We are happy to have Megan here as part of our team. Her dedication and strong work ethic are inspiring to others,” said Matt. “Dmitri has shown great capability to lead. The management team has no doubt that he will continue to be successful in his new role. He has even earned himself a trip to the recent regional conference!”

Bear Claw Events, Inc. Offers an Environment for Success

The management team at Bear Claw Events, Inc. endorses a team environment. “A strong team culture enables us to work well together. It also allows us to attract and retain top talent,” said Matt. “As a result, it strengthens our brand.” When a company proves to be a great place to work, team members are more likely to become company ambassadors. “It’s not unusual for our associates to brag about the company on social media. It’s better than paid advertising,” he added.

A strong work environment also offers the opportunity for personal growth. “When you are working in an environment where you feel valued, you’ll be more productive,” said Matt. “That’s why we believe in helping our people develop their careers.” The company offers training and coaching programs in various areas, including leadership. “We are always looking for the next individuals to promote. When the time is right, we offer advancement.”

Matt is excited about the recent promotions. “I am certain that Melanie, Jalisa, Megan, and Dmitri will continue to do outstanding work,” he said. “Given their past performances, I expect that they will be instrumental in creating and delivering leading-edge campaigns. I also expect that they will soon be ready to teach others at Bear Claw Events, Inc. what it’s like to be great leaders.”

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