Basepaws Partners With FirstVet to Ease the Burden on Vet Clinics

Creator of the world's first at-home genetics test for cats will provide six months of free access to online consultation with veterinarians to all new customers the entire month of December

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Basepaws, the leading innovator in pet health biotechnology and the creator of the first-of-a-kind at-home cat DNA test, today announced its partnership with FirstVet, a leading global provider of digital veterinary health services. 

The campaign is timed to National Cat Lovers Month in December. Basepaws will give six months of free teleconsultation to first-time customers who purchase any of its at-home DNA tests in the said month. In this partnership with FirstVet, offering 24/7 telehealth services to pet owners across the globe, Basepaws aims to take the pressure off veterinary clinics and provide owners with virtual wellness checkups that cover key areas of their pet's health, with recommendations and guidance in the comfort of their home until the next in-clinic vet appointment. 

Early in the pandemic, veterinary practices operated as an essential business, primarily seeing only urgent cases. This has halted regular wellness visits for a time. Now that the restrictions have loosened, pet owners rush to veterinary clinics, leading to extra long waits and veterinary staff burned out. 

"Basepaws is dedicated to the health and wellness of our feline family members. Physical wellness exams with your pet's veterinarian are critical for preventive care and early detection of disease, which means a healthier and longer life for your pet. However, in the light of skyrocketed demand for veterinary visits, it might be extremely challenging to schedule an appointment and see your vet in person. Therefore, we partnered with FirstVet to help ease the burden on vet clinics without risking our pets' health," said Anna Skaya, Basepaws CEO and founder. 

Happily, FirstVet has recently launched Healthy Pet Check Up to address challenges pet parents face when trying to get a timely appointment with their in-clinic vet. 

"Our mission at FirstVet is to bring pet care to anywhere pet parents are. We created the Healthy Pet Check Up as a way to address the significant challenges associated with pet parents seeking to access preventative care and wanted to bring this component of animal health to them directly. With its suite of products designed at helping cat parents take the front seat with regards to their cat's health, Basepaws is a natural partner to help us achieve this mission," said Davie Prien, FirstVet CEO and co-founder.

About Basepaws  

Basepaws is a leader in feline healthcare, providing at-home genetic and dental health testing with digital results available in weeks. Launched in 2018, the Basepaws at-home Breed + Health Cat DNA Test became the first of its kind. It was created to provide pet parents with the customized information that they need to meet the unique needs of their cats and to support proactive care planning with their veterinarian.

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About FirstVet

FirstVet provides pet parents with expert, qualified advice from licensed veterinarians 24/7, 365 days per year. On average, 65% of acute symptoms brought up in consultations with FirstVet veterinarians can be resolved from the comfort of the pet parent's home. In the event the pet needs advanced care, a veterinarian will direct you to a local veterinary clinic or, if needed, an emergency hospital. Pet parents make better, informed decisions with regards to their pet's health when assisted by a FirstVet veterinarian.

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