Barry L. Nehls' new book, 'Death Is Not the Final Answer: ...but wait, there's more!', is a contemplative piece that offers valuable insights concerning death

Recent release "Death Is Not the Final Answer: ...but wait, there's more!" from Covenant Books author Barry L. Nehls is a thought-provoking contemporary read meant to replace anyone's fear of death with a hope of eternal life.

Barry L. Nehls, a reputable pastor who has served four congregations throughout northwest Ohio, an alumnus of Harvard Graduate School of Business, and an active spiritual support volunteer in a local hospice, has completed his new book, "Death Is Not the Final Answer: ...but wait, there's more!": a ruminating exposition designed to set others free from the fear of death. Throughout his 40 years of studying the Bible, the author was able to gather answers to the profound question that concerns death and the existence of the afterlife. He declares that life does not end when one dies; instead, death is the greatest life experience a person will ever achieve.

Nehls writes, "Death and dying, what could be a more interesting and frightening topic? Statistics show that over one hundred die worldwide every minute! Death and violence of every kind flood our theater screens. Interactive video games depicting the gruesome violence of war are now at the fingertips of our children. Major cities across America record shootings and deaths nightly.

"For most people, the very thought of their impending death causes panic and anxiety. Perhaps it is the fear of the unknown. Since the beginning of time, man has pondered the question, 'Is there life after death?'

"What if you could know precisely, definitively, and exactly what happens after death? Could this calm your fears?

"This book will guide you through the Scriptures to show you without question that death is not the final answer. Much like the television infomercial, this book will tell you—but wait, there's more!

"It is my prayer that this book, along with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, will break the bondage of fear over your death and the death of your loved ones. For those who have gone on before you, perhaps this book will give you the needed assurance to find peace and comfort at their loss.

"May this book challenge you to set aside your fear and push forward to know that Jesus Christ once and for all defeated hell, death, and the grave. It is the best news you will read today—or ever!"

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Barry L. Nehls' new book is a compelling publication that invites everyone to live their life without having to fear their impending death. Through this work, Barry L. Nehls fervently prays for his readers to obtain a better understanding of God's plan for their lives.

Readers can purchase "Death Is Not the Final Answer: ...but wait, there's more!" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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