BAO Health Resources Presents Lead Poisioning Solution to Flint, Michigan

Babry Oren, President of BAO Health Resources, the producer of a product known as FoliumpX, made a presentation before the Flint, Michigan, city council where hundreds of residents gathered to discuss the problem of lead contamination in the city’s water supply. 

Mr. Oren’s message was that FoliumpX has been validated through extensive use to be capable of removing lead and other toxic heavy metals from those who have been contaminated.  Mr. Oren offered a free one-month supply of FoliumpX to anyone adversely affected by the water supply provided they have a blood test for lead levels before beginning treatment. This will make it possible to do another test after taking the product and, thereby, measure the improvement.

Flint City Council has confirmed that the offer was on the minutes of the council meeting.

On April 14, 2016, Mr. Oren presented the same information at a town-hall meeting at Doyle Elementary School.

Babry Oren also met individually some of the council members and discussed the offer. 

BAO Health Resources is preparing to make a similar proposal to the states of New Jersey, North Carolina, Mississippi, Arizona, and numerous counties in California where there is rising concern over similar water contamination.

FoliumpX has been used around the world to alleviate the toxic impact of radiation, free radicals (responsible for early aging), heavy metals, and other challenges to the immune system, and these results have been documented in clinical trials.

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Source: BAO Health Resources