Bantam Industries Returns From Dallas With Much to Share

Team members from Bantam Industries recently returned from a leadership conference in Dallas, Texas. They brought back with them several new ideas to implement as well as a list of potent contacts.

​Donny, Bantam Industries’ Location Manager, explained that the purpose of the conference was two-fold. First, the team had a chance to network with the industry’s best and brightest. Second, the educational opportunities extended their knowhow beyond in-house training.

As Donny noted, Bantam Industries’ philosophy is to always learn. At this conference, team members listened to keynote speakers who shared their stories of achieving success and growing into leadership roles. They also took part in different sessions that covered topics ranging from the latest techniques in on-site marketing to how to manage and motivate a successful team.

The networking opportunities were abundant as well. Not only were influential business leaders present, the team had a chance to meet other top performers who share their ambitions and have plans to go far in the sales and marketing world. 

Overall, the experience was a powerful one for everyone who attended, as they were able to catch a further glimpse into the industry and better understand the level of potential that awaits them should they work hard and meet their objectives.

Bantam Industries’ Location Manager on Making the Most of Travel Experiences

Donny explained that travel opportunities are frequent at Bantam Industries. The Dallas conference is just one of many the team will have the chance to attend this year. There will be more big group events like this, as well as cross-training sessions at other offices and the big R&R retreat for which everyone hopes to be selected. 

Before each trip, the team takes time to discuss the overall objectives they hope to achieve. For instance, with a conference, they might take a divide-and-conquer approach to workshops so that they collect more information to bring home and share with everyone. If they’re visiting other cities on an expansion trip, they might each have key factors they evaluate.

Since travel can mean diversions from normal schedules, team members are advised to think about how they can maintain routines, such as eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and exercise, so that they’re ready to bring their A-game. At the same time, they are encouraged to take in all that they can from new cities and experiences, which will spur creativity and build excitement.

As Donny noted, this conference’s positive effects will last a long time with Team Bantam Industries and they look forward to the next one.

About Bantam Industries:

Bantam Industries has made customer outreach its specialty, through fresh campaigns that garner real results in thriving markets. The team’s approach is based in thorough research and analysis, followed up with production that is second to none. Bantam Industries’ people build events that engage customers and keep them coming back again and again. This results in boosted revenue for companies of all sizes. The firm has grown because of this success, and it’s on the cusp of opening new offices around the nation. Follow along at

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