Bantam Industries, Inc. Reflects on Their 2018 Highlights

As 2018 comes to a close, Team Bantam Industries, Inc. is spending time reflecting on the past 12 months' successes. This reminds brand ambassadors of the roles they played in the year's victories and motivates them for the new year.

​The end of the year is a time of remembrance and celebration, a fun and useful exercise for groups as well as individuals. Donny, Bantam Industries, Inc.’s Location Manager, has encouraged team members to consider all that they have accomplished in 2018, knowing that they will be inspired to even greater achievements in the next 12 months. 

For example, there were many exciting opportunities for travel in the last year, which included chances to network with industry leaders from a variety of markets (some of them international!). There were also seminars and conferences where the biggest names in interactive marketing shared their strategies for success. 

Brand ambassadors were welcomed in places like Dallas, Texas and Denver, Colorado, for educational retreats with other on-site marketing professionals from around the country. These high-energy gatherings are inspiring, and those who attended always came home with innovative ideas and the motivation to see them through. There was also an exclusive opportunity for two of the firm’s top producers to head west to Newport Beach for a cruise along the California shore. 

Donny noted that there were also many Bantam Industries, Inc. promotions in 2018. The company has a policy of advancing from within, looking for those promotional specialists who embrace the firm’s mission and values. 

These growth opportunities were part of the fuel that drove Bantam Industries, Inc.’s expansion efforts in the last 12 months. Not only did the firm spread its influence in current markets, but the team opened a new office in 2018 as well.

Value of Recapping on Bantam Industries, Inc.’s Successful Year

According to Donny, looking back on all that happened in 2018 is more than just reminiscing – it’s a solid business practice as well. As the team reflects together on everything that happened, they are reminded to say thank you to the men and women who were instrumental in the company’s success. This practice really pulls people together and reminds them all what an amazingly talented group makes up the Bantam Industries, Inc. organization. 

Donny then uses this positive energy to get the whole team excited about the future. When promotional specialists are feeling confident and empowered by their memories of a great year, they are in the perfect mind-set to set appropriately ambitious goals. With all the momentum that has been created in the past 12 months, it’s certain that Bantam Industries, Inc. will be a force to be reckoned with in 2019. 

About Bantam Industries:
Bantam Industries has made customer outreach its specialty, through fresh campaigns that garner real results in thriving markets. The team’s approach is based in thorough research and analysis, followed up with production that is second to none. Bantam Industries’ people build events that engage customers and keep them coming back again and again. This results in boosted revenue for companies of all sizes. The firm has grown because of this success, and it’s on the cusp of opening new offices around the nation. Follow along at

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