Bantam Industries, Inc. Expands Horizons at New Office

Bantam Industries, Inc., a leading provider of on-site sales promotions, recently opened a new office in Nashville, Tennessee. Donny, the company's Location Manager, spoke about the potential for growth with this new venture.

“This expansion is a welcome opportunity for brands in other regions to experience Bantam Industries, Inc.’s promotional prowess,” explained Danny. “We’ve established ourselves as sales and marketing leaders in the Indianapolis region and look forward to making our mark in Nashville.”

As Donny noted, with this new office comes opportunities for current team members to take leadership roles. “One of the signature practices that sets Bantam Industries, Inc. apart from other agencies is our commitment to professional development and advancement,” he said. “The chance to grow with us is not limited to a select few. Anyone who shows they are willing to do the work can thrive in a career with us.”

Not only do the firm’s brand ambassadors stand to benefit from this expansion, but others who seek a career in this industry can apply for positions in the new location. “We will be recruiting soon for personable team players to join our firm,” Donny explained. “Now is the time to be part of an organization that is going places!”

Bantam Industries, Inc.’s Location Manager on What It’s Like to Work Here

Donny credits the company culture for Bantam Industries, Inc.’s recent growth. “Without doubt, we’ve nurtured an environment that fosters teamwork and room for everyone to grow,” he said. “I can’t think of a better place for go-getters who yearn to work with likeminded people to launch a career.” 

The firm’s training program is recognized for equipping new hires with the knowledge and skills needed to be effective in promoting products. “In our recruitment process, attitude is more key than experience,” Donny said. “We provide the knowhow, they bring the ambition.”

The learning process is ongoing as well. “Our educational philosophy runs deeper than our intensive onboarding strategy,” he explained. “Once our people master the basics, they continue to learn how to be leaders through in-house training as well as events like conferences and regional meetings at which they learn from some of the best in our industry. We train and work together to be the best our business has ever been. More importantly, we have fun doing it! When we harness our energies to achieve common goals, we go places. Today it’s Nashville. Tomorrow it will be somewhere even bigger. I can’t wait.”

About Bantam Industries: 
Bantam Industries has made customer outreach its specialty, through fresh campaigns that garner real results in thriving markets. The team’s approach is based in thorough research and analysis, followed up with production that is second to none. Bantam Industries’ people build events that engage customers and keep them coming back again and again. This results in boosted revenue for companies of all sizes. The firm has grown because of this success, and it’s on the cusp of opening new offices around the nation. Follow along at

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