Bantam Industries, Inc. Team Headed to Punta Cana

The managers of Bantam Industries, Inc., a premier onsite sales promotions firm, announced that select team members would be headed to the company's annual Rest and Relaxation Retreat in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

“I am happy to announce that we’re headed to this tropical paradise,” said Gregory, Bantam Industries, Inc.’s location manager. “This is a great trip for our team in more ways than one.”

Gregory described the trip Bantam Industries, Inc.’s associates would attend as a mix of fun and excitement, with excellent networking opportunities. “After a successful year of promoting products and thrusting brands into new markets, our team will have a chance to decompress, relax, and enjoy the splendors that hard work and dedication to our company’s mission bring,” he said. “I am most looking forward to enjoying the camaraderie among the entire company. The fact it's in such a beautiful place makes it even nicer.”

“The other part of this trip is a chance to network with some of the industry’s brightest minds,” Gregory continued. “We’ll meet top leaders who have been in this business for the last 15 to 20 years. When our people connect with these experts, they learn and grow so much from their vast experiences. It helps them build immense confidence that they can bring back home to our office.”

As Gregory explained, the event itself is a recognition of individuals and offices that have exceeded goals this year. “One of the fun parts of this event is the awards dinner,” he said. “It’s a celebration for everyone as people are recognized for their contributions to the company’s success.”

Bantam Industries, Inc.’s Location Manager Extols the Virtues of Company Travel and Networking

Gregory shared Bantam Industries, Inc.’s philosophy on team travel. “When we head out to an exciting place like Punta Cana together, it further solidifies our associates’ bonds with each other,” he said. “We can share new experiences and adventures together and make some memories that will last us our careers.”

“For our people, it’s an enriching experience as well,” Gregory added. “They meet people from other regions and learn about how others in the industry are achieving success. This is the kind of knowledge they can bring back to our office and share with others.”

The Rest & Relaxation Retreat is one of many trips team members will have a chance to enjoy. “We also engage in cross-training with other regions, plus attend national conferences and events,” Gregory concluded. “With each one, we remind ourselves how lucky we are to work for a firm that sees travel as an investment. We can’t wait to see where we’re headed next.”

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