Bantam Industries, Inc. Highlights Promotion, Holiday Event

- Bantam Industries, Inc.'s leaders emphasize professional advancement, and the firm's President discussed a recently promoted associate. He also outlined key leadership qualities and an upcoming holiday raffle.

“We have created a true growth culture here at Bantam Industries, Inc.,” stated Donny Parada[m1] , the firm’s President. “Our people know exactly what they need to do to advance to higher levels within our organization, and we help them along the way through recognition and incentives of all types.” Parada and the rest of the firm’s leadership team are always happy to highlight those who earn promotions, and Gregory S. was recently elevated to the shift management role.

The company President explained, “We can’t wait to see Gregory flourish in his new role. He has been working so hard these past few months and all his dedication has really paid off.” By mastering the skills required in his former position, Gregory made the promotion decision easy for Bantam Industries, Inc.’s leadership team. Parada added, “Gregory showed he was ready, and now we look forward to what he can accomplish in a leadership role.”

There are a few qualities Parada looks for in potential leaders, and Gregory has exemplified them throughout his path to advancement. “I think every leader needs to walk the walk,” the President remarked. “Gregory has certainly done that, and his hard work sets a great example for the entire Bantam Industries, Inc. team.”

Communication skills are also vital for business leaders, in the President’s estimation. He stated, “I believe Gregory will be an excellent shift manager because he communicates with clarity at all times. Everyone on his team will be able to work under clear expectations and with strong guidance.”

Bantam Industries, Inc. Rewards Top Performers With Holiday Festivities

“We celebrate the holiday season in a variety of ways here at Bantam Industries, Inc.,” the President remarked. “Whether it’s through giving to good causes or organizing fun team outings, we make the season bright. This year, we have an innovative way to reward our people for their great performances.”

The President continued, “We are holding an in-office raffle during the month of December. Whenever a team member goes above and beyond the call of duty, his or her name will be added to the drawing and a grand prize winner will be chosen at our holiday party. This will add a unique and exciting spin to our annual celebrations, and give team members incentive to go the extra mile.”

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