Bantam Industries, Inc. Business Travel Propels Growth

Growth is the essence of Bantam Industries, Inc.'s success. The team facilitates progress for themselves and the company by attending training and networking events. The firm's leaders discussed their latest excursion.

“Travel is another aspect of our success,” said Donny, Bantam Industries, Inc.’s Location Manager. “Business trips benefit us on many levels, so we take advantage of professional opportunities all over the world. The latest of these opportunities took place in Dallas, Texas. Select team members were invited to attend this quarterly networking conference.”

Donny explained that conference participants received hands-on training on a number of topics, ranging from market trends and consumer psychology to budgeting and strategic planning. Considerable networking took place as well. Professionals from all over the country were there to exchange ideas about industry best practices. 

Bantam Industries, Inc. Manager Expands on Conference’s Networking and Team-Building Activities

“The selected individuals from Team Bantam Industries, Inc. were chosen based on their abilities to train and develop other members of our group,” added Gregory, the firm’s Manager. “Relationships form the foundation of everything we do. This was evident at the Dallas event as well. Our people were most excited to network with others. In the process, they learned new success strategies for business and their personal lives alike.”

Gregory pointed out that networking opens doors to opportunities and support that last for years. When people connect and follow up on a regular basis, they often find themselves sharing resources, referrals, introductions, and more. Although in-person follow-up is optimal, simply staying in touch through social media, telephone, and email are enough to nourish relationships over time.

According to Gregory, the Texas trip also provided the professionals with a great occasion for team building. They further strengthened their bonds by spending such quality time outside the office walls. Without their usual responsibilities and routines to distract them, they were more focused on one another. They learned more about each other’s strengths, interests, and goals. This fresh knowledge always pays off in the form of increased collaboration and performance when they return to the workplace.

“It’s also worth mentioning that the conference gave business leaders a chance to recognize their people for their contributions,” Gregory concluded. “It showed our team members all they can achieve if they work hard. It’s nice to see others getting appreciated for their efforts. Bantam Industries, Inc. has been doing exceptionally well, and I’m confident that such success is in our future.”

About Bantam Industries: 

Bantam Industries has made customer outreach its specialty, through fresh campaigns that garner real results in thriving markets. The team’s approach is based in thorough research and analysis, followed up with production that is second to none. Bantam Industries’ people build events that engage customers and keep them coming back again and again. This results in boosted revenue for companies of all sizes. The firm has grown because of this success, and it’s on the cusp of opening new offices around the nation. Follow along at

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