Bankex, ZiChain Launch BKX Token-Based Promotion

A leading enabling platform for dApp transactions, Bankex Group partners with ZiChain to support the launch of CryptoEye, a multifunctional platform to trade and store crypto-assets.

For a limited time, Bankex Group token holders can redeem their tokens at the ICO price of $1.47. BKX tokens can be used to offset commissions paid for using CryptoEye platform.

Zichain’s multifunctional platform offers:

  • Industry-leading in safety wallet provided by BitGo to store customer assets (insured by Lloyds)
  • industry-leading fees to buy/sell with Visa/MasterCard (up to three times lower than the market)
  • customer assets under reliable protection of European regulators
  • news, analytics, researches, and market data in one place

To redeem BKX, token holders should do the following:

1.   Register and get verified on CryptoEYE Platform by Aug. 20.

2.   Execute at least one transaction (buy/sell, card deposit and withdrawal + index portfolio investment)

3.   Use BKX tokens to offset ZiChain’s commission. For a limited time, ZiChain will take 50% of its commission in BKX tokens at $1.47, the price of the initial offering. For example, if a client were to deposit $2,000, ZiChain would take 50 percent of the 5% commission as 34 BKX, a $50 equivalent. Please note that a single BKX transaction maximum is 500 EUR.

To participate, CryptoEye accounts have to be open by Aug. 20, 2019, and transactions have to be dated before Sept. 19, 2019.

For more information please contact Zichain team via Telegram or chat on Website or join Bankex Telegram group at:

About Bankex Group

Bankex Group is a New York-based company with an aggressive Asian strategy managed out of Hong Kong Asian headquarters.

Bankex Group is a fintech company providing digital assets processing, as well as blockchain-based continuous securitization in real estate, money lending and media markets. Our mission is to connect regular people and small/medium business owners to capital markets.

Bankex Group brings Banking-as-a-Service product modules and blockchain together. Infrastructure services and technologies include MainWallet, STO tokenization frameworks, Custody and Apps store.

Bankex Group is developing "neobank" called Bankex MainWallet – a messenger-first financial application that is packaged as Telegram wallet-bot with connected App Store. Bankex MainWallet enables personal and merchant transactions within messengers (Telegram and others).

Bankex Group legally operates within Class 3 and Class 4 licenses for Virtual Financial Assets on Malta, EU.

Company was founded in 2016 by Igor Khmel, former head of innovation at a top10 European bank, and also ex-McKinsey, ex-Citadel hedge fund, Stanford GSB alumni.

Source: Bankex