Bacula Systems Releases Version 12.6 of its Backup and Recovery Solution for Increased Ransomware Protection

New Ransomware protection and ease of use features adds to capability of Bacula across Physical, Virtual, and Hybrid Cloud environments

Accelerating its leadership in high-performance backup and recovery for large enterprises and managed services providers, Bacula Systems today announced the latest version of Bacula Enterprise, which is increasingly being adopted in Defense, Military, Research, Fintech, Higher Education and Hi-Tech organizations.

Version 12.6 of Bacula Enterprise offers advanced protection against ransomware by introducing new configuration options that can control which parts of its backup system can be accessed by different administrators and IT staff. This adds to Bacula's already robust framework which employs a unique architectural design to allow great protection against ransomware.

Some of the benefits of Bacula Enterprise 12.6 include:

●  Immutable Disk Volume feature for added protection against Ransomware

●  Core architecture LDAP directory integration option for extra protection

●  Command audit to record which actions are done by who or to trigger alerts

●  New graphic web interface dashboards with full keyboard control

●  VSS Module automatically detects volumes to include in VSS Snapshot

"With the high frequency of ransomware attacks on organizations today, it is critically important for backup systems to offer the highest degree of protection possible. Bacula features an especially high number of security options when compared to other backup and recovery vendors, and as a result is fast becoming a favorite of large military, government, MSPs and other high target organizations," said Frank Barker, CEO of Bacula Systems.

Bacula Systems customers include NASA, Texas A&M University, Swisscom, Sky and many more.

Source: Bacula Systems SA