New Backup and Recovery Version from Bacula Raises the Bar for Security and Ransomware Protection

New features also include low cost Google Workspace, M365 and Azure VM backup to eliminate capacity-based licensing, helping users to consolidate diverse IT estates and drive costs down

Accelerating its leadership in high-performance backup and recovery for large enterprises and managed services providers, Bacula Systems today announced Bacula Enterprise 16 to affirm its leadership in highly secure backup and recovery and further broaden its unusually wide compatibility with diverse technologies. This aids IT Directors with large or complicated IT environments seeking protection using a single backup and high-speed recovery platform. 

Some of its new Cloud and storage and VM technologies are: 

  • Comprehensive protection for Microsoft 365
  • Comprehensive protection for Google Workspace
  • Azure VM Module
  • Nutanix AHV module 
  • S3 Objects backup and recovery 
  • Enhanced Global Deduplication Endpoint engine 
  • Azure, Google Storage and S3 tiers support 
  • S3 storage tier control

Some of the new security technologies in Bacula Enterprise 16.0 are: 

  • Storage Daemon Encryption 
  • SIEM Integration 
  • Security module dedicated to Windows 
  • Automatic malware protection (backup, restore, verify) 
  • Improved & enriched security metrics 
  • SNMP Monitoring integration module 
  • NFS Immutability support (Netapp SnapLock)

Andrue Netcher, BIT Engineering Manager at Warner Bros Discovery, said "Bacula gives us the higher security backup and robustness we need for a live media broadcast environment. As a rule, the other backup systems we looked at were too complex. They had too much of what we didn't need, and not enough of what we did need. This problem became worse when we looked at their pricing model."

"We see most companies looking to make significant improvements to their backup security while driving costs down, and we expect this need to increase into 2023. Bacula is well positioned to lead in this important and urgent change, using its Linux-based technology to push security levels to an altogether higher level in the industry," said Frank Barker, CEO of Bacula Systems. 

"Bacula's high-security architecture combines with its non-capacity-based licensing to scale to many thousands of users at a cost far below that of our competitors. Users benefit from its cloud-agnostic technology, its advanced protection against ransomware, its point in time recovery, and its compatibility with a vast range of different storage media. It provides native modules to back up more server virtualization products than any other backup vendor. When combined with Bacula's advantageous licensing model, significant savings and performance increases are being seen by our military, government, ISV, and HPC customers," said Jorge Gea, CTO, Bacula Systems. 

Source: Bacula Systems

About Bacula Systems

Bacula Systems is the leading Enterprise Open Core backup and restore software company, combining Bacula’s enterprise-class open standards software with first-class support and professional services. Bacula Enterprise is a highly scalable backup and recovery software for large organizations, data centers and MSPs. Bacula Systems customers include NASA, Navisite, Texas A&M University, Sky PLC, Warner Bros, Locaweb and many more.

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