B1 File Manager V0.8: New Icons and Box Cloud Storage Support

B1 File Manager v0.8 arrives with an icons overhaul and the support for its fourth cloud storage - Box.

Catalina Group rolls out an update for the B1 File Manager. The new 0.8 version now makes Box Cloud storage available from the Networks menu, right beside Dropbox, Google Drive and most recent Microsoft OneDrive. The update also brings stylish flat icons, giving users a more solid-looking design.

Recently the developers of the B1 File Manager have been adding the support for new cloud storage services with each update of the app, and this time is not an exception. Box, a popular cloud storage for business and personal use, is now fully available. Users can download/upload files and folders, share links to them, and add as many accounts as they want. Following the consistent line of B1 File Manager's cloud support, there is no need to re-login each time you want to access another storage.

B1 File Manager is the brightest example of how style meets functionality. With fresh new icons for files and an overhauled sidebar, the B1 File Manager manages to create an interface which is smart and effective at the same time. The overall stability of the app has also greatly improved thanks to the users' reports and heavy pre-release testing.

Adam Buyer, project leader at B1 says:

"When it comes to cloud storage, most people use two or three services, separating personal stuff and work materials, or they simply use a certain cloud storage exclusively for sharing and transferring files. In B1 File Manager, we try to incorporate all popular cloud storages in one app to eliminate the need for several client apps. This saves device memory and increases your productivity while working with a variety of file types. Box is certainly a great cloud storage, so if you've been using it for business or individual purposes, it's high time to reconsider the whole app-switching process in favor of one multi purpose file manager.

As for the design, we're following a step-by-step approach. A complete app overhaul is on its way, but the greatest achievements usually start with the small steps. We hope that you like our new icons set."