B1 File Manager V0.7: Now with Microsoft OneDrive Support

In the latest version of B1 File Manager you can now manage multiple OneDrive accounts, download or upload any files and folders.

Catalina Group presents the updated version of B1 File Manager. Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage is ready for full access from within the Networks menu.

B1 File Manager already features a number of Networks available for quick access. This includes such network clients as FTP, SFTP, SMB with Dropbox and Google Drive cloud storages support. In B1 File Manager v0.7 another popular cloud storage becomes available and fully functional. It's Microsoft's OneDrive.

Accessing cloud storages via B1 File Manager has certain advantages. The official OneDrive app for Android limits the number of accounts one can work with at a same time without the need to log out. In B1 File Manager the transition between any number of accounts is smooth and seamless which allows for quick management of files between different storages. It's possible not only to download/upload files but also the whole folders - an option which the official client doesn't support. The overall stability of the app was also greatly improved thanks to user's reports and heavy testing.

Adam Buyer, project leader at B1 says:

"Today a common Android user has his files scattered across numerous locations: smartphone, laptop, USB flash drives, cloud storages and others. Our users have favoured the idea of using one file manager to access such locations no matter how many account you have on a single cloud. So we've decided that integrating the most popular cloud storages into B1 File Manager would help our users to increase productivity while working with cloud stored files.

Microsoft's OneDrive is definitely a great cloud storage. Many Windows users prefer it since the release of Windows 8. With this in mind, we were working hard on introducing support exactly for this cloud. I hope that our fans like this way of cloud file management on Android."