B1 File Manager V0.6: Google Drive and SFTP Support

In the latest version of B1 File Manager you can now manage Google Drive cloud storage and use your Android device for connecting to SFTP servers.

Catalina Group rolls out an updated version of B1 File Manager. Among the most noticeable improvements is the expanded Networks option - users can now manage multiple Google Drive accounts and connect to servers via SFTP.

Following the introduction of cloud services support in version 0.5, users could manage multiple Dropbox accounts. Now the same option was introduced for Google Drive. Through the fast-expanding Networks menu one can easily connect to the existing Google Drive accounts or create a new one in a few steps. Users can download files from the cloud storage into the device's storage and vice versa. Access to files for other users can be granted via links.

Another Networks update is the support for SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) connection. With this connection users are able to achieve a secured files transfer from an Android device to server. The overall stability of the app was also greatly improved thanks to user's reports and heavy testing.

Adam Buyer, project leader at B1 says:

"We wanted to make cloud storage management easy, fast and simple for B1 File Manager users. This was one of our primary goals from the beginning. After we started receiving positive feedback regarding Dropbox support, we understood that we're on the right trail. This encouraged us to work even harder on our next cloud storage support. We choose Google Drive because just like with Dropbox users require an easy access for their files spread across multiple accounts. We give a possibility to gather all these accounts in one app and manage their content using a simple and effective interface.

We also wanted to give more possibilities for those Android users who work with files on servers. While we already have FTP support in B1 File Manager, there was a need for a more secured file transfer. As we pay a lot of attention to data protection in our apps, adding SFTP was the necessary next step."