Awesense Launches One-of-a-Kind Digital Energy Marketplace to Empower Development of Clean Energy Solutions

Critical resource to drive decarbonization within energy system

Digital Energy Marketplace

Awesense, the organization transforming how utilities and industrials virtualize and decarbonize their systems, has launched the only energy-focused repository of solutions built to drive the decarbonization of the energy system.

The Awesense Marketplace is unlike a traditional repository by providing a common framework for companies to collaborate towards the future of clean energy and digital transformation. The platform brings cutting-edge applications, solutions and algorithms together to solve modern-day energy and grid challenges.

Utilities, consultancies, and other organizations struggle to develop solutions that can be scaled across many jurisdictions due to complex data integration and the lack of a standard, open data model. Using the solutions offered throughout the Marketplace, organizations can rapidly accelerate their transition to a decentralized, decarbonized future and develop solutions that are scalable across the industry. What's more, the Marketplace will open up new revenue streams in areas like:

●        Distributed energy resource integration and control

●        Electric vehicle charging

●        Demand response and smart-home management

●        Grid services

●        Intelligent asset management

●        Transactive energy

●        Microgrid management

●        Advanced distribution system management

"The energy-specific data model allows utilities, technology companies, consulting firms, and other vendors to build solutions that can be easily integrated by other energy companies, to make a real impact on the industry as a whole, and develop new revenue streams for their organizations," said Steiner. "We're looking forward to seeing the Awesense Marketplace grow as more partners committed to energy decarbonization join us."

Solutions listed on the marketplace cover a range of use-cases, and innovative companies such as Doosan GridTech, Kitu Systems, vadiMAP, LO3 Energy, ENGIN, Utilidata, Clir Renewables, ChargeLab, SensorLink, Exeri, Easy Smart Grid, and Athena Power are part of the initial launch.

"Awesense is a great partner in providing accurate, real-time data and analytics to aid system operators in their decision-making. We are happy to be a part of their focus to drive decarbonization and collaboration through the launch of their Digital Energy Marketplace," said Troy Nergaard, CEO of Doosan GridTech.

While there are well-known solution marketplaces offered by major technology companies, the Awesense Marketplace is the only energy-focused repository of its kind. The vetted Marketplace brings together best-in-class technologies specifically focused on driving the energy transition and accelerating decarbonization, in line with Awesense's mission.

Together, the Open Energy Data Model and the Awesense Marketplace removes hurdles around data mapping and transformation, expedites data preparation and refining, and provides a common framework for companies to collaborate.

William Collins, CEO of LO3 added that "Only through widespread collaboration can we drive deep decarbonization of the power system. The Awesense Marketplace provides a means of accelerating that critical cooperation and rapid deployment of modern-day solutions, and we're excited to be part of it."

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About Awesense

Awesense has developed a platform, the Energy Transition Platform, that serves as the digital foundation to address the data gap in the industry. Within the platform, our AI Data Engine standardizes utility data, resulting in a populated model-driven digital twin accessible via APIs or our Digital Twin explorer, True Grid Intelligence (TGI). The data is thus usable by the applications needed to push for digital transformation. Our Energy Transition Platform is the tool kit utilities need to integrate renewables, analyze, optimize, and prepare for a decarbonized future.

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