Awesense Launches a Use Case Library

Awesense launches a growing repository of energy use cases to enable data-driven business decisions and effectively adapt to an evolving energy grid.

Awesense Use Case Library

Awesense, the organization that has developed the digital foundation to modernize energy, is kickstarting a Use Case Library, showcasing Use Cases supported by The Energy Transition Platform. A Use Case is a templated, digital solution that uses utility data to solve an industry problem by enabling data-driven business decisions to adapt effectively to an evolving energy grid.

Awesense makes designing an application easy with the Energy Transition Platform. The companies working with Awesense waste less time with the development process and can start creating algorithms and analytics in the Awesense Sandbox Environment using realistic synthetic data while the actual Utility data ingestion occurs on the Energy Transition Platform. The realistic synthetic data and the tools for development in the testing environment provide the ability to develop a near-ready Use Case helping accelerate the time-to-market of Use Case development by upwards of 90%.

After the utility data is ingested, cleansed, synchronized & structured according to the Awesense Energy Data Model (EDM), it is ready for use in the Energy Transition Platform through APIs. The Use Case developed against the Sandbox Environment can be fine-tuned and further developed using actual data. The completed Use Case can be combined with custom applications to draw business insights and modernize the energy grid to support the energy transition.

The Awesense Use Case Library is a growing repository of Use Cases that analysts can develop using the Energy Transition Platform. True to the company's mission to serve as the digital foundation to modernize energy, the library use cases serve as building blocks to rapidly accelerate the development of new energy solutions to improve grid reliability & resilience. Use Case code is available to any partner free of charge to use and expand upon.

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About Awesense: Awesense® is an award-winning company with a mission to decarbonize the electricity grid. Awesense helps utilities, technology partners, and system integrators develop digital energy solutions with The Energy Transition Platform. The Awesense solution, powered by its powerful VEE Engine, Open Energy Data Model, and Energy Transition Platform, serves as the digital foundation to modernize energy. 

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About Awesense

Awesense has developed a platform, the Energy Transition Platform, that serves as the digital foundation to address the data gap in the industry. Within the platform, our AI Data Engine standardizes utility data, resulting in a populated model-driven digital twin accessible via APIs or our Digital Twin explorer, True Grid Intelligence (TGI). The data is thus usable by the applications needed to push for digital transformation. Our Energy Transition Platform is the tool kit utilities need to integrate renewables, analyze, optimize, and prepare for a decarbonized future.

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