Availius LLC Has Started Marketing Specimen Container Dispensers

 Availius LLC, known for its innovative products for clinical laboratories, has started marketing specimen container dispensers. Konstantin Bas, CEO, introduced this product thus: “At present, clinical laboratories purchase specimen containers and hand them out to their customers for collecting biological specimens to be tested. The containers are delivered from the manufacturer in plastic packaging, one hundred per package. Handling unwieldy packages this size is often difficult and awkward for the lab staff. They need to unpack and find storage space for all the containers while keeping the sterility indicators intact, which is no mean feat when space is limited”.

The dispenser, which has been designed and manufactured in the United States, is somewhat similar to the office magazine rack. It can hold up to twenty-one containers (which, by the way, are also manufactured in the USA) which for most practices is one full business day’s supply. A full reload only takes under one minute. The dispenser conveniently fits in with standard size medical furniture and can also be attached to a wall.

It’s important to note that the dispenser’s design allows a sticker bearing the laboratory name and logo to be placed on its front panel, which makes it not only a handy medical device but also a valuable marketing tool.

Source: Availius LLC